Yamaha YP-D8

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 7 8 1978

Rare table of the superlative yet easy-to-use kind.

The tonearm seems like a simplified preview of the ones built for the very successful GT-750 / GT-1000 / GT-2000...

The bigger (later and seemingly Japan-only) YP-D9 has an arm that looks even closer to that of the GTs, so the D8's arm probably was the beginning of the design... from Micro Seiki.

Much bigger version : YP-D10.

Yamaha YP-D8, image 1 Yamaha YP-D8, image 2 Yamaha YP-D8, image 3
Yamaha YP-D8 specifications
Title Value
platter: 31,5cm / 2,7kg
S/N ratio: 70dB
Wow & flutter: 0,04%
PC: 5W
Dimensions: 47 x 16,3 x 37,8cm
Weight: 15kg.
tonearm effective length: 23,2cm
tonearm friction: 3mg (vertical)
5mg (horizontal)
Overhang: 16mm
Cartridge weight: 2...15g
Cartridge shell: 12g, alumium alloy
Features : Direct Drive
12-poles/24-Slots DC motor
Photo-electric end arm-lifting
Opto-electronic end stop
± 3% pitch change with
built-in stroboscope
Diecast aluminium platter
Low-friction tonearm
Diecast Zinc armbase
Chrom-Molybdenum bearings
± 3mm adjustable VTA
Gold-plated contacts
Macassar wood base (!)
Acryl cover
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