Yamaha YP-D71

October   1 9 7 8 october 1978
1 9 7 9 1979

Mid-end but refined follower of the YP-D8 and YP-D10, the YP-D71 has everything almost any mid-end japanese turntable had by 1978 - except it is much prettier than most.

The motor's circuit uses FG servo with a Quartz PLL servo locking to compare phase shifts between the oscillator and the generator. This widespread, common and even banal system here allows to track up to 500g /cm load with no speed changes.

The motor itself is coreless & slotless, allowing a 1kg /cm starting torque.

The tonearm rests on a four-point gimbal support with independent V and H frames ; friction amounts to a low 7mg for both planes.
The fairly long wand (24,2cm effective) is filled vibration-proof material.

Otherwise, zinc diecast base with brass shaft, 3-point locking of the ±4mm VTA adjustment, low-impedance output cables, auto-stop with CdS / LED contactless solenoid and 1,1mm thick acylic dustcover.

A real D71 here.

Yamaha YP-D71, image 1 Yamaha YP-D71, image 2 Yamaha YP-D71, image 3
Yamaha YP-D71 specifications
Title Value
Type : Direct-drive
Motor : Quartz-Lock HALL DC
DC 24V / 600ma
Starting torque : 1kg /cm
Locking torque : 500g /cm
Servo : PLL + FG
Platter : 31cm / 1,8kg diecast aluminium
Inertial mass : 230kg /cm2
S/N ratio : 62dB (JIS)
Wow & flutter : 0,025% (WRMS)
Pitch accuracy : ± 20ppm
Type : S-shaped, static balance, 4-point gimbal support
Effective length : 24,2cm
Offset angle : 21°15'
Tracking error : -1°...+2°30'
Overhang : 15mm
VTA : ± 4mm with 3-point locking
Anti-skating system : hanging wire with roller and weight
Friction : 7mg (vertical)
7mg (horizontal)
Armbase : zinc diecast with brass shaft
Cartridge weight : 3g...12g
Supplied headshell : 9g diecast aluminium
Output cables : Neglex 2496, dual cylinder, low-impedance
General General
Auto-stop system : CdS photo sensor + solenoid
Enclosure : compressed particle board
Finish : ebony style PVC
Dustcover : 1,1mm thick acrylic
PC : 9W
Dimensions : 47 x 15,5 x 37,8cm
Weight : 11kg.
List price : 59,000¥ (1978)
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