Yamaha YP-D10

October   1 9 7 7 october 1977
1 9 7 8 1978


Rare LP record turntable of the superlative yet easy-to-use kind : a bigger YP-D8.

The tonearm seems like a simplified preview of the ones built for the very successful GT-750 / GT-1000 / GT-2000...
Very low friction rates at any rate, even lower than the famous EPA-100, and better than that of the GT-2000 !

1kg zinc diecast armbase, low-impedance output cables (0,94 Ohm), 6,4mm thick particle board base, diecast aluminium alloy headshell, adjustable VTA

Seemingly built and/or engineered by Micro Seiki - I don't know much more except it seems very very well built with specs perhaps leaning on the "old style"...
A respectable 16kg to lift if you feel like lifting audio turntables instead of doing push-ups.

128,000¥ didn't bring esoteric high-end in 1978 but it sure brought quality and durability.

Yamaha YP-D10, image 1 Yamaha YP-D10, image 2 Yamaha YP-D10, image 3
Yamaha YP-D10 specifications
Title Value
Type : Quartz PLL FG-controlled
Motor : 12-pole, 24-slot DC
Torque : 1,2kg/cm
Temperature drift : ±20ppm
Wow & fultter : 0,03% (WRMS)
Pitch control : ± 3%
S/N ratio : > 62dB
Platter : Ø 31cm / 2,4kg
VTA adjustment : ±6mm in 1mm steps
Cartridge weight : 2g...15g
PC : 9W
Dimensions : 47 x 16,3 x 37,8cm
Weight : 16kg.
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