Yamaha NS-2000

1 9 8 2 september 1982
1 9 8 7 1987

Revised version of the NS-1000 bestseller and masterpiece - still Beryllium loaded.

Besides the straight placement of the drivers, the only tangible difference with the original is the woofer : out went Yamaha's staple white special pulp paper and in came carbon fibers !

Already a lightweight but stiff material, Yamaha made the cone of its new 30cm woofer in eight pieces, bonded together for even more mechanical rigidity ; the carbon fibers are lined from center to edge.
Edgewise-wound OFC copper is used in the voice coil ; the surround is made of impregnated polyurethane foam and the chassis is cast with a special aluminium alloy....

The 8cm mid and 3cm high drivers are essentially the same as those of the NS-1000, with a few manufacturing differences to improve dispersion characteristics and input capacity ; OFC wiring is used here as well.

The enclosure is built thicker with more bracing throughout. Although it is commonly seen as clear veneered, Yamaha did make a little batch of black NS-2000.

The layout of the filter was also changed although not drastically and, again, OFC wiring is in.
To avoid diffraction at the edges, said edges were rounded and a cloth grille was delivered stock - the NS-2000 was meant as a home loudspeaker, not a studio workhorse.

Lowest resonance frequency was lowered (40Hz > 33Hz), nominal impedance as well (8 Ohm > 6 Ohm) but overall weight and dimensions got a big surplus, just as acceptable input rating and output capacity.

Crossover frequencies were kept as they originally were but the new woofer allowed to shake da foundations even lower : 40Hz vs. 28Hz.

The later and cheaper NS-1000x and the ultimate Centennial NSX-10000 are quite rare compared to the NS-2000. However, as better as the 2000s were, Yamaha didn't sell nearly as many of them as they did sell the original 1974 NS-1000.

Real 2000s here (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the filter).

Yamaha NS-2000, image 1 Yamaha NS-2000, image 2 Yamaha NS-2000, image 3
Yamaha NS-2000 specifications
Title Value
Volume : 80l
Maximum input : 250W
Rated input (JIS) : 125W
SPL : 90dB /W /m
Frequency response : 28Hz...20Khz
Resonance frequency : 33Hz
Impedance : 6 Ohm
Repartee : 500Hz
Network : 3-way, 12dB/octave
Mid-range level control : ± 3dB continuous
Treble level control : ± 3dB continuous
Tweeter : 3cm (JA-0526A)
Mid-range : 8,8cm (JA-0802A)
Woofer : 33cm (JA-3301)
Dimensions : 44 x 75,2 x 40,4cm
Weight : 47kg.
List price : 220,000¥ (1982)
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