Yamaha NS-1000x

Yamaha NS-1000xw

1 9 8 4 september 1984
1 9 8 8

Last NS-1000 version before the ultimate NSX-10000.

Unlike the "last" which usually means "best" or "even better", the NS-1000x is actually more an updated NS-1000M than a refined NS-2000.
The NS-1000x was also priced accordingly : 158,000¥ vs. the 108,000¥ of the old NS-1000M or the 228,000¥ of the NS-2000.

Upgraded from the original design was, naturally, the carbon woofer (with an NS-1000M diecast frame but sans front grille) allowing a lower frequency response (39Hz vs. 40Hz) with a resonance frequency placed at the same lower limit : 39Hz for the 1000 and 40Hz for the 1000x. Said 30cm bass unit has edge-wound OFC copper voice coils and a 10,500 G flux density.

The 4,5cm high-density particle enclosure was largely reinforced at 42kg (vs. 31kg), and covered with real walnut veneer painted in black (NS-1000x) or left natural on the x-rare and pricier NS-1000xw (175,000¥).

Already added to the NS-2000, 16 gauge OFC filter wiring was kept for this lower version of the NS-2000 and better version of the NS-1000M. The filter is a less complex than that of the original design and certainly less expensive than the one in the NS-2000.

The "in-line" arrangement of the drivers was retained from the NS-2000 although the assymetrical system of the original NS-1000 doesn't seem to have bothered the many owners...

The mid and high Beryllium drivers are slightly different versions of those in the NS-2000... or NS-1000. As for all NS series loudspeakers, bi-wiring wasn't deemed necessary or useful.

At the time the NS-1000x was launched, two zeros below, a beefed up version of the 1977 NS-10M started to invade most recording studios on planet Earth.
No Beryllium there but worldwide success just the same. Numbers-wise, if the original 1000 is still abundant to say the least, the 2000 and 1000x are far less common - the 1000xw being of the ultra-rare kind.

The 1000x was used by Luxman as "reference" speakers as late as 1997, along with a pair of JBL K2 M9500.

Yamaha NS-1000x, image 1 Yamaha NS-1000x, image 2
Yamaha NS-1000x specifications
Title Value
Maximum input : 200W
Rated input (JIS) : 100W
SPL : 90dB /W /m
Frequency response : 39Hz...20Khz
Resonance frequency : 39Hz
Impedance : 6 Ohm
Repartee : 500Hz
Network : 3-way, 12dB/oct.
Mid-range level control : ± 3dB continuous
Treble level control : ± 3dB continuous
Tweeter : 3cm (JA-0548)
Mid-range : 8,8cm (JA-0803)
Woofer : 30cm (JA-3114)
Dimensions : 42,7 x 69,5 x 33,5cm
Weight : 42kg.
Finish : black painted walnut veneer (1000x)
natural walnut veneer (1000xw)
List price : 158,000¥ (1000x)
175,000¥ (1000xw)
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