Yamaha GT-CD1

Yamaha GT-CD2

1 9 9 1 november 1991
1 9 9 4 1994

Statement CD player with a fairly limited production run but which sold very well nevertheless.

The technology inside is... well - each brand had its own kitchen recipe for d/a conversion, servo accuracy and more. Here, the digital filter works on 20bit / 8fs for 22bit accuracy and the two d/a ICs themselves are of the Bitstream / 1bit kind, followed by two I-PDM correction chips - a sort of time base corrector for audio.

FET stages, beefy EI trafo, 15A recifiers, 48,000µF of caps, large PCB tracks, 160g brass clamp etc - the works.
500k¥ and 24kg - impressive there, too. But after all, GT did stand for Gigantic & Tremendous, as originally coined for the GT-2000 series.

However, the GT-CD1 drive is a Victor motor, as used in Victor's own XL-Z999EX (and variants) and the Denon DP-S1 : easily recognizable with its star-shape and 4mm spindle, also used in the 1990 Yamaha CDX-1050.
Remebering the many Micro Seiki direct-drive motors were made by Victor, the early to mid 1990s japanese high-end seems to have been party time for inter-brand technology lending, mending, sharing and borrowing !

The GT-CD2 is basically the same but cheaper on the drive itself, the puck and the non-glossy wood ; it also has only s-e outputs.
But, facing front, bar the natural wood, they look identical.

Yamaha GT-CD1, image 1 Yamaha GT-CD1, image 2 Yamaha GT-CD1, image 3
Yamaha GT-CD1 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 2Hz...20Khz (± 0,5dB)
THD : < 0,0015% (EIAJ)
Dynamic range : 100dB
S/N ratio : 120dB (EIAJ)
Channel separation : 100dB
Digital outputs : 1x coaxial 75 Ohm
1x Optical TOS
Analogue outputs : 1x unbalanced RCA
1x balanced XLR
Clamp cut brass, 160g
PC : 30W
Dimensions : 13,5 x 16 x 40cm (lid closed)
13,5 x 31 x 40cm (lid opened)
Weight : 24kg.
List price : 550,000¥
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