Yamaha CX-10000

1 9 8 6 december 1986
1 9 8 8 1988

Probably the most remembered "Jubilee" or "Anniversary" series.

Yamaha spared no expense for the Centennial Series and could do so : this was before the 1987 crash and subsequent 1990s gradual retreat of all japanese brands toward the mid-end and low-end segments of the market.

The CX-10000 is a monster, a real monster with everything tripled - the chassis, the ICs, the possibilities, the VCAs and... the rarity.
The CX was highly reviewed in Japan back then, with a dedicated "Exciting Component" section in Stereo Sound. In other words : top of the pops and crème de la crème.
At least very exciting because DSP was a novelty.

Sound-processing-wise, the CX-10000 is divided in two : a digital parametric EQ plus associated side functions and a Digital Sound Field Processor ; both parts have their own D/A converters: Hi-Bit Yamaha for the DSP and Burr-Brown PCM-56P for the EQ part.

The other ICs used are exclusively Yamaha's :
3x YM3818 for DSP
3x YM3619 for 4fs digital filter (225th + 41st FIR)
1x YM3623 for digital i/o
2x YM3608 for DEQ, low/high filters & slopes
3x YM3901C for 16bit/48Khz a/d
2x YM3020 for 16bit/48Khz a/d
1x YM3615 for 18bit FS/H d/a
1x YM3023 for 18bit FS/H d/a.

The 3-band parametric EQ handles 4-step Q (0,7 / 1,4 / 3 / 6) while continuously variable low and high filters can see their slopes set at 6, 12 or 18dB/octave. All this per channel, of course !

D/A is arranged according to Yamaha's Hi-Bit fashion. Output opamps are JRC 5532D.
Two transformers for the left and right analog channels and a third one for all things digital ; the six boxes (à la Accuphase or Sony TA-ER1) hold the VCA and LPF/HPF boards while the one at the bottom of the main board shields the A/D section.

The bottom plate is made of 5mm thick steel ; gold-plated terminals (53 in toto !) are present. No S-Video plugs, though - this is 1987 !

Another touch to note is the balance ring which is exactly like that of Yamaha's 1st CD player :)

Made to feed the MX-10000 Hyperbolic Conversion Class A powerhouse.

Yamaha CX-10000, image 1 Yamaha CX-10000, image 2 Yamaha CX-10000, image 3
Yamaha CX-10000 specifications
Title Value
Inputs : 150mV / 47kOhm (analogue)
0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm (digital)
1V p-p / 75 Ohm (composite video)
THD : 0,003% (20Hz...20Khz, analogue input, EQs off)
Maximum output : 3V RMS
S/N ratio : 110dB (IHF-A)
Frequency response : 15Hz...100Khz (analogue input, EQs off)
Low EQ : fO : 20Hz...500Hz
L : -12...+6dB
Q : 0,7 / 1,4 / 3,6 / 6,0
Mid EQ : fO : 22Hz...18Khz
L : -12...+6dB
Q : 0,7 / 1,4 / 3,6 / 6,0
High EQ : fO : 2Khz...20Khz
L : -12...+6dB
Q : 0,7 / 1,4 / 3,6 / 6,0
Low cut filter : fC : 14Hz...900Hz
Slope : 6, 12 or 16dB/octave
High cut filter : fC : 1Khz...19Khz
Slope : 6, 12 or 16dB/octave
PC : 70W
Dimensions : 47,5 x 17,7 X 44,2cm
Weight : 25kg.
List price : 800,000¥
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