Yamaha CD-1

October   1 9 8 2 october 1982
1 9 8 4 1984

A MONSTER, in every sense of the word.

Short-lived, too - the mechanically simplified CD-1a replaced the CD-1 very quickly, parting with the 2nd motorized drawer that was strictly dedicated to programming : the CD-1 had two completely separated displays and attendant buttons, one for play, one for programmed play !
Even better : there's an output balance ring, under the player, below the front.

A true pain to dismantle and gain access to any of the parts (let alone the motors), the CD-1 was not meant to be serviced :-)
It was, however, the top player of the 1st generation in Japan, alongwith the Sony CDP-701ES. A successful fate the CD-1a and (very different) CD-2 both inherited, gaining respectively the "Component of the Year" and "Best product" awards in 1984 !

Dual 16bit DACs, 14kg on the balance, an amazingly complex disc-drawer arrangements, classy looks almost second-to-none the CD-1 is however extremely finicky to adjust.
Two manuals are necessary, one of which is essential : "Mechanical Adjustments" ; I own both but I won't even try to get mine to play CDs again - I'd need first to un-stuck the program drawer and that requires a complete dismantling :-)

The digital-to-analogue ICs are Sony's original 16bit CX-890 DAC ; the rest of the audio-related chips btw is mostly Sony-sourced : CX-7933, CX-7934, CX-7935...

The CD-1 is a magnificent object, if in a somewhat blunt way. If only it could be more reliable !

The total production run should be around 7000 units ; the #05332 rolled out of the assembly on october 1983.

Nudies aplenty here and here.

Yamaha CD-1, image 1
Yamaha CD-1 specifications
Title Value
Motors : 1x Coreless DC (drive)
1x disc tray
1x program tray
RF amp : dual-differential AGC
Clock regeneration : Direct PLL
Focus control : Auto-lock gain-switching servo
Tracking control : phase-detecting high-gain servo
Modulation system : EFM
Error correction : Dual CIRC
c1 : 2-byte error correction
c2 : 2-byte error correction
D/A conversion : 2x 16bit linear
Frequency response : 10Hz...20Khz (±0,5dB)
THD : < 0,005% (1Khz)
Dynamic range : > 90dB
Channel separation : > 90dB (1Khz)
Output level : 2V RMS (maximum, fixed)
0,3V...3,6V RMS (variable ; 2V RMS at center click)
PC : 45W
Dimensions : 43,5 x 11,65 x 35,7cm
Weight : 13,5kg.
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