Yamaha CA-1010

Yamaha CA-1000III

1 9 7 6 1976
1 9 7 8 1978

Third version of the CA-1000, the CA-1010 was a CA-1000III in Japan.

The bigger one (CA-2010, aka CA-2000 in Japan) had some upgraded parts and more power for an even better 'speakers control. Both units are keepers (and sleepers) - great drive & finesse, if housed in a somewhat heavy-ish design.
I really regret selling mine.

The variable loudness function inaugurated on the original CA-1000 was here kept for the lower ranks (CA-810, CA-710), only to reappear as a regular feature of Yamaha's amps in '79/80.

The power transformer star-shaped heatsinks were shared with the contemporary B-2 V-FET power amp - another bestseller.

Thre are ooodles of them 1000, 1000II, 1010 / 1000III and 2010 / 2000 in Japan - real bestsellers.

Click the USER to see nudies of my ex-1010 (no, not my ex !) and read a complete technical desciption by Zeljko Nastasic !

Yamaha CA-1010, image 1 Yamaha CA-1010, image 2 Yamaha CA-1010, image 3
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