Yamaha CA-1000

1 9 7 3 september 1973
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From a time when early solid-state amplifiers in Class B ruled - Yamaha got back to basics with Class A.

The CA-1000 is the first of a very long line of very successful, very reliable and very heavy amplifiers which sold like hotcakes until the mid 1980s : japanese high-end-wise, the CA-1000 is the example everybody else quickly followed.

Two-sided circuit boards, low-noise MC preamp, variable loudness control, switchable Class A / Class AB modes are the rarities which very few other japanese makers had put in their top amplifiers in 1973.

The chassis construction and general layout also was to be a school case of how things would be done afterward : phono stage placed right after the terminals, as far away as possible from the power-supply section, huge 270VA transformer, bigga 18.000µF / 80V capacitors (two), 1% tolerance metal film and styrol resistors, 3-stage DC shelving tone controls, and fully differential with current-mirror power stage driver.

The Class A mode puts 2x 15W into 8 Ohm into your ears, and Class AB up to 2x 70W.
The "current steering" circuit allows the output pairs of transistors to remain in Class A for currents up to twice the bias current, with a power supply lowered to ±26V but a bias current increasing to... 0,5A !

In true Yamaha tradition, begun with the CA-1000, the phono stage is very rich with two inputs, one of which has a (back) selector for MC / MM 50KOhm / MM 100kOhm and a front selector for phono 1 / phono 2 and phono MC.

The phono 1 input has a semi-floating ground circuit attached to the back selector - better for MC cartridges ; phono 2 is fixed at 50kOhm and bypasses the additional preamp - better for MM.

The chassis itself is as sturdy as can be, with a difference in color for the wood enclosure : yellow-ish and very clear for the domestic models, warmer and darker for the export versions.
Depending if the recipient market saw the intermediary version (CA-1000 II), the CA-1000 remained available until the launch of the CA-1010 - aka CA-1000 III in Japan.

Like its CA-1000 II, CA-1010 and CA-2010 followers, the CA-1000 needs room to breathe as bias current is high and hot.
So was the sound quality and so were sales.

Nudies of a JP CA-1000 here.

Yamaha CA-1000, image 1 Yamaha CA-1000, image 2 Yamaha CA-1000, image 3
Yamaha CA-1000 specifications
Title Value
Dynamic Power (IHF) : 200W (4 Ohm)
200W (8 Ohm)
30W (8 Ohm ; Class A)
Continuous RMS power : 2x 100W (4 Ohm, 1Khz)
2x 75W (8 Ohm, 1Khz)
Both channels driven (20Hz...20Khz) : 2x 85W (4 Ohm)
2x 70W ( 8 Ohm)
2x 15W (8 Ohm ; Class A)
Power bandwidth : 5Hz...50Khz (at 0,5% THD)
5Hz...100Khz (at 0,5% THD)
Damping factor : 70 (1Khz)
THD (pre + main) : < 0,1%
< 0,05%
THD (Preamp, Phono input) : < 0,1%
THD (Preamp, Aux input) : < 0,02%
THD (Power amp) : < 0,1% (rated power)
< 0,04% (1W)
< 0,02% (1W ; Class A)
IM distortion : < 0,1% (power amp, 8 Ohm, rated power)
< 0,05 (power amp, 8 Ohm, 1W)
< 0,1 (pre + main, 8 Ohm, rated power)
Frequency response : 10Hz...50Khz (+0,5/-1dB, pre + main, AUX input, 1W)
20Hz...20Khz (+0,5/-2dB, pre + main, MIC input, 1W)
10Hz...100Khz (+0/-1dB, main, 1W)
30Hz...15Khz (± 0,2dB, RIAA)
Crosstalk : < 50dB (Phono/AUX/MIC)
< 60dB (power amp)
S/N ratio (IHF-A) : > 80dB (Phono)
> 70dB (MIC)
> 90dB (AUX)
> 100dB (power amp)
> 90dB (volume attenuator at lowest)
Inputs : PHONO1 : 3mV (50kOhm or 100kOhm), 200µV (100 Ohm)
PHONO2 : 3mV (50kOhm)
MIC : 2,5mV (50kOhm)
AUX : 120mV (40kOhm)
TUNER : 120mV (40kOhm)
TAPE1&2 : 120mV (40kOhm)
POWER AMP : 775mV (40kOhm)
POWER AMP : 330mV (Class A)
Maximum input level : PHONO1&2 : 310mV (0,1% THD)
MIC : 200mV (0,1% THD)
Outputs : TAPE1&2 : 120mV (2kOhm)
PRE OUT : 775mV (2kOhm)
3000mV max (at 0,1%THD)
TREBLE control : ± 10dB @ 10Khz
BASS control : ± 15dB @ 50Hz
LOW filter : - 3dB @ 20 or 70Hz (12dB/oct.)
HIGH filter : - 3dB @ 6 or 12Khz (6dB/oct.)
LOUDNESS contour : + 10dB @ 100Hz
+ 5dB @ 10Khz
Componentry : 6FET
55 transistors
5 Zener diodes
PC : 250W (nominal)
450W (full power)
Dimensions : 43,6 x 14,4 x 32,3cm
Weight : 15,5kg.
List price : 98,000¥ (1973)
600$ (february 1976)
3790FF (march 1976)
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