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TVK Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Welcome to TVK... v2 !
  • Why the new TVK ?
  • Why is it like this ?
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  • What is the TVK Talk ?
  • Technicalities
  • Image quality
  • Conclusion

TVK... version 2 !

Why the new TVK ?

Regular user and Knobbers

1) Loading time : Knobber pre-load options

Since TVK is a content-rich and image-rich website, the default image loads first and all others load "on demand only", when their related thumbnails are clicked.

This makes an average of 150...300kB per image (regulars) and up to 1...3Mb (tops) for their Knobber versions.

2) Known browser bugs
There are still a few bugging bugs here and there - Jérôme is working hard to get rid of them in the main browsers available for both Mac and pc platforms.

(...isn't recommended but you can use it nevertheless)

Safari & Chrome bugs we could find.

A recent version of Opera made this : Knobber thumbnails won't display, but the actual images do.
More problematic : all images in the TECH and USER sections don't show up at all.

No image smoothing at all on downscaled large images, argh !
This seems to have changed recently : until a few weeks ago, the problem only showed in Firefox and not Safari...

This display bug looks like this :


In Firefox, IE8 or Chrome, large-size images are properly resized with no screening artefact :


This bug comes from the (potential) conflict between the final display's resolution and the printing screening of the displayed image.