Sony APM-77W

Sony APM-77W

Postby Axel » Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:42 pm

Well, at last my APMs drivers are going to be restored, properly - and that means by Romain and nobody else.

The filters will be redone and upgraded later on, getting rid of the trim pots along the way ; the enclosures I'll deal with next year.

Enclosure and part of the filter ; walls are 2cm thick and there are four 2cm ribs on the sides and back.
Besides the eight screws + inserts, a tiny but very efficient seal glues the bass driver to the front, a driver which, btw,
has the exact same dimensions as an LP : 31x31cm.

The bass-reflex port/labyrinth : a slanted "L" of sorts ; the internal opening is under the slice of white wool.
Tuned as it is, below 25Hz, the APM-77 is, for all practical purposes, a sealed-enclosure design.

Ah - impressive drivers :)
Size/weight ratio-wise, the mid drivers weigh a TON.



In the meantime, the only speakers I have available are the self-powered Falcon SA-20F - definitely NOT in the same league as the APMs and the coming months are going to be a sonic... torture !
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Re: Sony APM-77W

Postby Stoffie » Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:17 pm

Cool to see what they look like on the inside!

I'm curious to hear how much of a difference the overhaul will make.

Still have my pair which I hope to have restored one day as well. I've been talking to Romain about it a while ago, but it won't be for tomorrow.

One day!

Keep us posted!
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