Audio Technica T-1

Audio Technica T-1

Postby Axel » Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:43 am

Found in a december 1983 MJ issue, showing (barely : one page only) some of what was displayed at the Japan Audio Fair of october 1983.

This is an Audio Technica prototype named T-1.
AT always funded a lot of research about and around the LP format, more so than can be believed by the products they did produce like the Sound Burger or the myriad of whatever small accessories : AT always had a very strong market share in cartridges and tonearms so LP was its (sales) Eldorado.

This prototype is only interesting because of two things : it reeks (feeble word) Teragaki engineering and is so bloody reminiscent of the Nakamichi TX-1000 that it must have been a two-year late(r) spin-off from the same mold - or even what Tergaki had intended for the Nak' TX before the resulting production costs proved too crazy !
Although the platter is visibly belt-driven, the platter-centering feature is laser-guided and the main arm is a linear-tracker, too.

The Dragon CT was commissioned by Nak' but developed, engineered and fully built by Junichi Okumura at Fujiya Audio ; that's fact.
Despite my extensive literature, I never had found the source for the TX-1000... But seeing this AT proto, the TX effort was, clearly, spearheaded by AT through Nak' with Teragaki-san as main (and perhaps sole) developer and engineer.


After this proto/period, AT stopped financing such lavish efforts (LP was on its way out) and Teragaki, as a brand, began its formation even if Teragaki-san
remained independent as consultant.
Teragaki (the brand :) was (re)financed and "distributed" by Seiko/Epson between c. 1990 and until about 2001.

See another image of it here : (image #6, 7 & 8)
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