Kyocera PL-910 production run

Kyocera PL-910 production run

Postby narkleptic » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:57 pm

I was wondering about the production runs of the Kyocera 900 series tables.

According to TVK, production run of the PL-910 was around 16.

Last year the German magazine "Stereo" said the production run of PL-901 tables (which I imagine are even rarer) was less than 100.

Where/how could one find the production numbers of these tables? I ask because I should be getting PL-910 (#13) at the house in the next week or two :) !!
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Re: Kyocera PL-910 production run

Postby Axel » Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:48 pm

Alas, no other data was found since posting the PL-910 page in 2005.

Sixteen was a figure of speech : the actual run should be higher than that as japanese high-end OEM makers accepted a commision for a minimum of a hundred pieces.
Remembering that the PL-910 and PL-901's looks and engineering were both recycled directly from the 1982 Luxman X-5P prototype, Micro must have been eager to cover its prototyping costs and time spent and gave Kyocera a friendly price for a lower-than-hundred run.

Also remembering that, apparently, someone from Luxman went to Ky for the 910 separates' circuits (and quite probably all of the 900s design as well), there may have been a certain triangulation there...
Given the tormented timeframe for Lux (1982-1983, going down) and Kyocera having to deal in high-end audio with recently acquired Cybernet, an enormous OEM provider but not accustomed to pricey "high-end", anything is possible.
I have seen a very Luxman-like designed 1981 receiver, R-5030 period, made by Cybernet - linklinklink !

Quite probably less than a hundred, maybe around fifty like the Onkyo PX-100M, also Micro-sourced, or maybe...

The only certain fact is that nobody knows anymore :)

(also that this was a long answer to a very short question)

The Kyocera PL-901 turntable was designed/made by Micro first,
the Luxman X-5P prototype came slightly later (and completely vanished after the october 1982 Japan Audio Fair),
the Kyocera PL-910 appeared almost two years after the X-5P.]
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