Philips LHH1000 combo

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Philips LHH1000 combo

Postby panoplia » Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:35 pm

A recent ebay auction for my all time want... Philips LHH1000 cd transport/dac/&remote.
only for sale as the seller has 2 sets :!: ... 7675.l2557

i did have 2 X Philips SACD1000 as seen in the background though.

Re: Philips LHH1000 combo

Postby Axel » Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:50 pm

The LHH1000 set is easy to find in Japan as it sold mostly there and very well at that.

I do disagree with some of the seller's statements (despite his job at Philips :) regarding construction and finish which patently pale in comparison of equivalently priced, contemporary and Japan-made offers from Sony or Sansui...
But I do agree with him on the end result : yes, the LHH1000 / CD-12 is part of the absolute all-time best CD players.

However -
Skip the not very well engineered and implemented coaxial connections between the two boxes and get a simple CD-95 or CD-99SE !
Both will be just as reliable (ie. truly everlast), way cheaper AND will sound better because of the absence of said crappy DIF stages and of the presence of TWO TDA1541A S1 or S2.
Tweak the clock, clean up some unnecessary circuit complexifications, add a second trafo if you want, and you'll be leagues above the LHH set.

I use my (stock) CD-95 every day and I even (partly) prefer it to my CDP-R1 / DAS-R1 combo - that's how musical the 95/99SE is ;-)
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