Where was your favorite hi-fi heaven ?

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Re: Where was your favorite hi-fi heaven ?

Postby thedevilin » Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:40 pm

my two hifi shops were:

the cornflake shop (london) which introduced me to electrostatic stax 'ear speakers' (which saw service for approx 5 years till they were broken through use) and the monolith 20/20 loudspeaker cable i still use

signals (suffolk) top top bloke is alistair, if you have the cash and want good service then he is your man

both these hifi shops are still trading, good service and genuine advice keep them going.
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Re: Where was your favorite hi-fi heaven ?

Postby Drakkard » Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:33 am

Major electronics company came here only after 1989 when the regim was changed.
Before 1989 as far as I know there was only AKAI in those shops.

Yea.. In Russia, or USSR actually, there was mostly Akai, Grundig and Telefunken (rare). Well, maybe also Sony, but for most people it was just a fairy-tale.
By the way, you can find a sort of "Russian TVK" here: http://rw6ase.narod.ru/000/rez2.html
You can get an idea about the price-range of many equipment from their names, like 100АС-063 stands for 100-watt Acoustic System - and then digit 0 means that this model is part of the Russian hi-end. There also 1, 2, 3 and 4 digits exist, from best-to-worse. The last two digits doesnt mean anything I think, just a model number, but I may be wrong.

The best Russian speakers are this:
http://rw6ase.narod.ru/000/rez2/elektro ... as063.html (and many siblings - 50ас-061, -061м (061-1), 75ас-065, 100ас-061, 063, 065, 066,) - actually there are an intresting story floating around internet about those.. As you can see it looks like a copy of Fisher STE 1200/OTTO SX-P1. I dont have an idea how they compare, never was able to hear one or another. Still, this is a whole new speaker, no original parts used.
Also many people mention this one - http://rw6ase.narod.ru/000/rez2/75as001.html

I actually owned this - http://rw6ase.narod.ru/000/rez2/estonija35as021.html , as you can see its also from "0" serie.. And Yamaha ns-500m destroyed it totally, there is just nothing to compare here.

And just a little addition - another and last (i think) copy - http://rw6ase.narod.ru/000/rez2/elektronika_tds5.html also known as Yamaha-HP1. Also no original parts used, of course.

Damn, I just wanted to make a short comment and this turned into total offtopic :roll: Sorry guys. I wish I could say anything about my hi-fi heaven, but I didnt had any, since Im into hi-fi for only about a year =)
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Re: Where was your favorite hi-fi heaven ?

Postby Joel » Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:48 am

Axel wrote:But where did they all go since the mid 1980s ? Are some of them still there ?

Are there any left?
PS If you're free on april 6, let me buy you lunch somewhere in Paris (a good lunch, naturellement: I'll be in gourmet hell for the following three days in Nord Nord Normandie)
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Re: Where was your favorite hi-fi heaven ?

Postby Axel » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:43 pm


As far as I could see, none from the 1970s or 1980s.
Some are still standing but did change their slant, going for big LCD/Plasma things, all'in'one "music servers" and iPod docks.
"Ultra" shops are going over there as well and remain "ultra" for the rest, with expensive multi-room bridging (sort of) the gap...

I'll be in Paris on april 6 and will be very happy to meet you !

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Re: Where was your favorite hi-fi heaven ?

Postby Joel » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:26 am

Great. I'll be in contact later this month.

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