a must have.........

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a must have.........

Postby stchedro » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:31 pm


Though this was quite an amusing product!

Although you probably need a specially reinforced tie to wear it given the look of it. Mind you the ESPRIT division probably made those as well out of special non magnetic vibration reducing acoustically tested unobtanium.

Joking apart I was playing with my SE-P900 this morning although I was left wondering why they felt the need to go to +/- 8dB when +/-3dB would be more useful for audio as you could actually adjust it accurately enough for it to be really really useful. But that being said one of things that is very apparent is that +/- 1.5dB in a real room isn't too silly as those are the kind of level of attenuations that rooms/real system impose on the listening environment.

The mid adjustment is nice when you have a situation where the vocals seem to be in a house down the road or the voices project into your face. Funnily enough I have never sat in a concert hall with the tenor standing 1m meter away from me.

With the SE-P900 and TA-N900 you can also get the vocals into position so they sound a lot more balanced. Whilst the choir is usually behind the orchestra it is not usually in the next concert hall. Suddenly the N900's actually sounds possibly better than the N902 and the bass articulation is definitely better on the N900. Although with the N902 you don't need the SE-P900 got the vocal balance.

Having it there you do tend to adjust out recording that are a bit annoying in their EQ and once you get used to it the time taken is negligible to get a very good (enjoyable) result. At the end of the day listening is supposed to be a pleasure. If you do need to put the hair shirt on then the defeat switch is always there.
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