Pioneer SX-1980 european version for sale

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Pioneer SX-1980 european version for sale

Postby thedevilin » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:37 am

greetings knobbers,

sadly i have to depart with the jewel in my crown, the pioneer sx-1980 (1970s/80s 270watt/chan monster receiver)

it is the later (more sought after) version with the 'sensor gain' switch. i have NEVER seen another european one come up for sale, they are always the USA version. i am the second owner and all functions/lights/bits and bobs work perfectly, there is some marks to the wood but given its otherwise excellent condition i would have to say it is VGC.

as this post has been moved to the new 'knobbers sales' bit i can offer the item:
A) europe only please as:
1) it is 40kg, massive and 30 years old, i dont fancy posting it!
2) i shall therefore be delivering in person unless buyer wishes to collect
3) this will potentially cost alot so offers and acceptance subject to how much it takes to drive a mondeo from suffolk (UK) to your house!

B) can sell via ebay if you want that 'security', but i dont think fraudsters go about advertising such kit so be assured iam genuine.

C) initial price is 2200GBP + cost of delivery, this is approx what good examples of the amp go for in america, this is the much much rarer european version, when i list on ebay i shall be asking 3500GBP, difference is my preference for a knobber to get the amp.

D) i will consider part ex carefully, but please understand i know my kit, please dont offer me something for an inflated price because i will know.

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