Sony ST-J55 muting adj.

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Sony ST-J55 muting adj.

Postby Axel » Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:40 am

If your ST-J55 or Wega V700 continuously mutes on bass notes or low voices and you don't want to force it to mono because it sounds so good in stereo, adjust as follows.

Place your multimeter pins on the points silkscreened as TP2 and TP3 around the IFT101 transformer ; the reading should be through the roof, as was mine shown here (0,657V).


Adjust with a non-magnetic whatever the recessed red pot located on the right side of the box (don't touch the other one) : use plastic or wood and nothing else.

Difficult to access, turn, touchy, touchy, until you get something that is as close to 0 as possible ; plus or minus don't matter.

Once done, stereo in all its splendor and if the bass player builds to a frenzy a fiesta for low Es on his 6-string... it won't matter : no more muting.


(that you Pat66 !)
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