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Re: SONY CDP-R1a & DAS-R1a

Postby mpd » Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:15 pm

Rare_Hifi wrote:Mark,

I completely missed this thread. Congratulations on this purchase, a really beautiful find. How does the performance compare to any other players you have owned besides the R3?

I think that an investment in this combination will really pay off over time. When you compare it to modern players there really is little difference and the Sony cd/dac is still up there with the best of the best....I think some people are slowly realising that they have been had in modern audio.


Thanks Ritchie, its a great combo - well it is head and shoulders above the cdp x779es and x707es, haven't tried anything else except SONY (Axel and me have something in common we like sony CD players :D ) main reason for going backwards or forwards is that most of the media has always been CD, like SACD alot but not enough titles. This combo still delivers would like to head to head with the CDP R1/DAS R1. Looking for a good R10 combo the hunt is on....
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Re: SONY CDP-R1a & DAS-R1a

Postby mpd » Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:25 pm

Sergey1977 wrote:
mpd wrote:Well after few days of listening I can report that the Sony CDP R1a and DAS R1a is simply sublime. It is better than the CDP R3 but in ways where the music tone is more full and rich. The detail is amazing but I am not saying sparking top end SACD detail or like many modern CD players available now that seem slanted in this direction.

Have been spinning Bach Brandenburg Concertos by Karajan & Berlin Philharmoiker and Bernstien's Malher 5 Symphony by Deutsche Grammophon. The strings are so life like and hearing more the technique of the musicians playing is a fantastic revelation.

Even Modern music like Dido's 'life for rent' the vocals are more present than the R3.
Jazz has that depth and body between the Bass and drums giving a great platform for Mile Davis trumpet solo on 'Kind of Blue'. I m really talking about separation of the instruments is it strength.

Owning this reference combo is a joy to use and I can only highly recommend it if you take the plunge. A good friend who owns a Sony SCD 1 came round and we ended up listening to some music over a glass of wine! He remarked in his own words that it outperforms the SCD 1 CD playback and has a character all of its own.

The combo really requires good speaker cables, interconnects which is why I think I may need to upgrade from Chorus 2 and Epic speaker cables. TOSLINK is a must.

So to end this mini review I still recommend the R3 as that first step into the world of Sony reference players but the combo R1a and DAS 1a is the ultimate. The difference in wine terms is first(Combo) and second(R3) growths, Bordeaux of course.

I may look out for a DAS 1 with the S1 chips as Axel has, what does everyone think?

Still looking for some amplifier advice as I am currently running the super TA F808es.

Gonfratulations, very nice combo.

Let me help you a little bit with your new amps choice.

As you have purchsed the combo 1a you should get the new amp to benefit from the sound quality 100%.

In my opinion you should go for the amps with XLR balanced inputs hich provides the shortest direct path for signal from D/A section to amplification. Your current amp TA-F808ES does not have XLRs. My proposition is to try Sony TA-FA7ES, TA-FA777ES as well as TA-E90ES/TA-N90ES. Also these amps sounds much better than your current TA-F808ES.
However, it is quit difficult to recommend on which amp suits you because I have no idea about your speakers.

Of course, to buy the match series you can go for TA-E1/TA-N1. But on my point of view these combo does not provide very good value/for money being overevaluated.

Also you ca have a look at another producers like Pioneer Exclusive. Beautiful amp is Pioneer A-09: Pure class A amplification, golden connectors and, of course, XLR inputs. You will not be dissapointed with this amp which could be compared to a good tube amp in sound section.

If you decide to sell your TA-F808ES please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thanks for the advice will stay with SONY only, (building that vintage set) I really like the RCA sound and now have a chord signiture plus cable it sounds great. the TA F808ES is a great amp so I am not sure how great the improvement would be on the FA7ES as I have not heard one. My speakers 4x SONY SS A1L great speakers like the ROGERS LS3's - Anyone else.....AXEL?
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Re: SONY CDP-R1a & DAS-R1a

Postby stchedro » Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:09 pm

Been using by DASR1a now for a few weeks. It is great now that I have solved the annoying and hard to find dry joint problem. But the sound, Oh the sound is amazing. Really amazing. Real rock solid stereo image and clean highs. I've never heard a stereo image like it. Much much much better than I remember the DASR1 which had a rather odd DSP setup that made it sound rather hard on the treble. Directly through the onboard volume control on the N902 it is amazing, I've also tried the E88/N7 combo and you do get real bass out of it. Now I've got to find out which pre sounds best E900, E901, E88 with which power. I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy messing around with this.

The bass is punchy but at the same time totally laid back. You can feel the bass through the floor with drum rolls or low plucked double bass notes but it isn't in your face, it is matter of factly reported to the listener. Well recorded material sounds amazing, poorly recorded material is shredded and totally laid bare. But at the same time the R1a is easy to live with as you just feel you are getting a faithful report, if something doesn't sound quite right it is usually pretty clear what the problem is over panned or to much balance to a close mike (split stereo location is easy to hear).

BTW the R1a sounds dreadful with Sonos and also with up-sampling via my MACBookPro but sounds amazing at straight 44.1 kHz.
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Looking for a spare TA-N902 now and maybe some R1, R10 day.....
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Re: SONY CDP-R1a & DAS-R1a

Postby Axel » Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:15 pm

Six out of the eight of the Stereo Sound reviewers (JP) used a DAS-R1a at home until the late 90s.
The same previously had a DAS-R1 :)
And some even kept both !
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Re: SONY CDP-R1a & DAS-R1a

Postby mpd » Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:50 pm

stchedro wrote:Been using by DASR1a now for a few weeks. It is great now that I have solved the annoying and hard to find dry joint problem.

Stchedro Mine has the same problem it happens every so often, where did you find it? I am still serching mpd
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