Just picked up Luxman M-02

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Re: Just picked up Luxman M-02

Postby Shaggy_NL » Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:12 pm

That looks quite good. And the backlight from the meters on the front are far more bright then my M-02 was. Congratz!

I got myself (finally) a 5M21 who replaces my M-1600. I allready got the 5C50 (and four others from the LRS serie). I can reccomend that 5C50 and 5M21 combi to everybody (who want more Lux).

Btw, as tip for every audio enthusiasm: Don't look for thick and expensive (interlink) cable's, but look for cables with a low capacity!! (for between your Pre- and Power-amp... and source)
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