Luxman TP117 pre/tuner

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Luxman TP117 pre/tuner

Postby gwc » Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:32 pm

Proud new Knobber here! (if you aren't a Knobber, you should be!!)
I have an option on the above pre-amp. It comes with a remote. (it originally sold with two). I understand that there is a second pre in this unit, which can only be accessed thru a remote sensor (RC101) which plugs into the back, (I have access to one of these also, from a different source) and was designed to be in another room. A second complete operation, I guess, using the same sources. in addition, both pre-amp sections have two sets of pre-out jacks, a nice option for a two mono amp set up. While all of this seems pretty complicated, the written specs on the unit are pretty impressive. (shown here thanks to FMtuner info- ). I am wondering in any one has had any experience with this unit? Would look to use this with one Sony N55ES. That is until I find another. ;)
I look forward to your input.
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