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Luxman L309V

Postby Henny » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:04 pm

Hi Axel,

there are some items unclear in the L309 spec's. The THD and IMD are mentioned at 55W, shouldn't this be 75 W? Furhermore the weight  is noted as 12.5 kg, but on the internet 15.5kg is mentioned for the L309. Why these differences?

I have seen product sheets of Luxman, and it seems to me they used the infomation of the L308 also on the L309
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Re: Luxman L309V

Postby Axel » Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:29 pm


That is quite possible and happens very often in catalogs.

The export catalogs I have for the 308 and 309 were printed one month apart only : 10/73 (L-308) and 11/73 (L-309). The L-309 german version was printed alongwith the english version, but all three were printed in Japan.

If the THD on the latter version is correct (@75W), the weight is the same 12,5kg...
Having found so far no other source(s), I did "quote as published" - but forgot I had the german version to double-check. Too many catalogs in my head !

I guess somebody at marketing took a shortcut and just changed the main differences (power rating and features/functions) and let the rest remain exactly equivalent for the english/worldwide printing.

@ THD specs corrected - thanks !
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