Advice on pre-amp for Luxman M-4000

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Advice on pre-amp for Luxman M-4000

Postby balikpapan » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:12 pm

Hello all,

Last week a local restaurant owner very kindly offloaded a Luxman M-4000 on me. So Santa Claus does exist, even in June. I have thus been pitched into a higher level of hifi than I am used to. It will be paired with my Luxman PD 264 turntable and replacing my long-serving Arcam Alpha (yes, the original model c1986!), with a pair of B&W DM 302s.

I have tested the M-4000 by plugging my mobile phone into it to play 320kb mp3s and FLACs, and it sounds very good.

Someone told me I could connect the M-4000 to the Tape Out jacks on the back of my Arcam and use it as a pre-amp, this works but the Arcam is pumping out at full volume! The volume and tone controls do nothing.

Eventually I hope to locate a C1000 somewhere, but for the time being I have the opportunity to buy a C-120a locally for €150. Can anyone tell me if this would be compatible with the M-4000? If I am looking at other brands, what do I need to check as regards compatibility?

Also one of the feet is missing, any ideas how I can replace that?

(I had some very helpful advice from Peter van de Beek of this parish earlier, but via

Thanks for any advice,

Bordeaux, France
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Re: Advice on pre-amp for Luxman M-4000

Postby Gibraltar » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:03 am

Hi Colin,

That's a mighty fine gift! Any stand-alone pre-amp should have no problems working with the M-4000. The tape output on your Arcam is supposed to be used for recording, so it intentionally bypasses the volume/tone controls. Some integrated amps also have a "pre-out" connection which you could also use. The C-120a would certainly work fine with the M-4000, although I've never heard one in person so I don't know how good it is.

As for the foot, if it's a rear foot just find anything the right height and glue it on or something :) If it's the front foot maybe try to move one of the rear feet to the front first!
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Re: Advice on pre-amp for Luxman M-4000

Postby balikpapan » Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:47 am

Thanks Gibraltar,

The C-120 deal seems to have fallen through so I am now look at a 1970s Arcam pre-amp for a similar price, will keep you posted!

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