DCC digital compact cassette

DCC digital compact cassette

Postby garfy » Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:24 am

Philips and Technics: add pictures of DCC tape recorders. like DCC 730

Minidisc Sony

(also, on the museum:  sansui tuner Tu 717 ampli au317MK2 other sansui cassette decks and the sansui rack system... more Marantz tuner with oscilloscope and quadriphonic receivers,  SONY other ESPRIT cassette decks from the Sony Baron Empain european club)

Nakamichi 1000 the gold version with rose wood

SONy tuner SA3ES

Headphones Beyer dynamic 880 studio  DT880 S and 990


why some subjects are closed in the forum ?

i love this website
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Re: DCC digital compact cassette

Postby Axel » Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:48 am


For DCC, the Marantz DD-92, Sony MDS-JA50ES, Technics RS-DC10 and some portable Sonys will make it to TVK, lavishly for the RS-DC10 with a really beautiful japanese catalog.
For any other DCC decks, alas, I have nothing worth posting.

There will be a lot more Sansui in the new TVK but the Nak' 1000ZXL Limited catalog keeps eluding me.

For the other components... it always boils down to availability of original literature - preferably beautiful and detailed.

"cassette decks from the Sony Baron Empain european club"
...would you care to elaborate on this ? Baron Empain had a Sony Club ?

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