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TVK Forum Rules

PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:53 pm
by Axel
The TVK Talk forum is dedicated to vintage audio where english is the language for all.
People here talk about vintage audio, music and the fun of knob fiddling, modulation listening, string twiddling, horn blowing and snare drum bashing for the musicians among us.

There are five moderators in charge, me included ; some may have a subject-related specialty but all have exactly the same rights and rules. The TVK Talk moderation functions as follows :

Warning one : it happens to the best of us.
Warning two : it may happen to most of us.
Warning three : last call - beware of the girafe.
Warning four isn't a warning but the guillotine : you're out.

The TVK Talk is a civil forum
People here use a civil tone of voice and do not shout their convictions across the board.
As for any other human activity, expressing yourself with properly structured sentences is a plus.

No blind brand bashing on the TVK Talk
Each and absolutely every brand made diamonds and lemons : it isn't because your experience with product X of brand Z went wrong that said brand is to be avoided at all costs and for all eternity.

Yes but he is wrong !
If somebody disagrees with you, that person doesn't become an opponent : you will not be allowed to loudly joust for any self-attributed corner of the room.
Arguments are healthy as long as they don't become bloody - after that, it is called war and nobody wants that, again.

Sales and links to eBay
The Trainspotting section does NOT allow advertising for personal sales of any kind : sellers posting links to their own eBay, Canuck, Yahoo or Wherever sales will see their posts and/or threads removed immediately.
The Knobbers Sales & Trades section is reserved for TVK's Knobbers' own sales and trading and is a read-only for the regular members.

Non-audio subjects...
Politics are most interesting, if not the most interesting and crucial subject. But politics will nevertheless remain completely, entirely, totally, unequivocably, out of the TVK Talk. The same applies to racism, revisionism and bigotry (whatever side or creed).

Quotes and external resources
Whenever you quote a source or upload an image not originally coming from yourself, you will clearly specify from whence said element comes and acknowledge its outsourcing : use html links, html addresses or html anything.
The source is The Source and thou shalt not zap it to oblivion.

Re: TVK Forum Rules

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:50 am
by hovanfue
I want to be a regular member, what should i do?

Re: TVK Forum Rules

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:59 am
by Axel
You already are since you can post this question :)