Toshiba XR-P9

1 9 8 6 january 1986
1 9 8 8 1988

Minor design gem, mainly thanks to its slanted AC adaptor which gives the XR-P9 itself a console look of true 1985 breeding.

The XR-P9 was made to bridge the gap between home digital-audio and outdoor digital-audio : put six "C" batteries in its battery pack bag and you're set to go jogging for nine hours with one kilo and a half of mobile 1985 audio.

Place it on its slanted AC adaptor, at home, plug the IR remote receptor in and you have one of the best examples of 1984-modern design in all its black & red glory.

Functions-wise, modern modes were already in with 16-memory programming with random (or not), automatic repeat (program, selection or disc) - who really needs more than that ?

The headphones' variable output does NOT act as variable line output : the latter has its own, dedicated, mini-jack terminal.
Both outputs are on the right side of the P9, phones next to the opening, line at the very back.

As all early portable CDPs from Toshiba, the XR-P9 was very well built, solidly, and with a three-beam laser.
It also had a smaller, less original, non-slanted brother named XR-J9 which used the same parts, buttons & display, arranged differently.

My first CD player was a slightly later portable Toshiba. It wasn't slanted but lasted a fair number of years. I don't know where or when it disappeared but I still regret it.

Many images, nudies included at the indispensable

Toshiba XR-P9, image 1 Toshiba XR-P9, image 2
Toshiba XR-P9 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 5Hz...20Khz (+0,5 / -1,5dB)
Dynamic range : 84dB
Channel separation : 75dB at 1Khz
THD : 0,01% at 1Khz
Output level : 1V (fixed LINE out)
PC : 5,6W (AC)
DC 9V (6x "C" batteries)
Dimensions : 142,6 x 3,95 x 17,85cm
Weight : 520g (without batteries)
Supplied accessories : - AC adaptor
- Battery pack
- Remote Control Unit
- Remote Control Sensor
- Carrying bag
- Pin Cord
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