Toshiba System 15

1 9 7 8 july 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

Without a doubt, Toshiba's System 15 is the best "micro-system" produced during the last remaining moments of high-fidelity's best years. It also is the prettiest and most coherent design of all mid-size components.

Although the amplifier and preamplifier did deserve just as much, only the black version of the ST-F15 (ST-F15K) was to win a 1978 japanese Good Design Award.

Besides excellency in design, there is full hi-fi inside these components : all-DC, toroidal transformers, 1-piece diecast aluminium chassis for the power amplifier (!), 3-piece extruded aluminium for the others, dual-FETs and more.

The components are not as numerous as Aiwa's My Pace... if one doesn't count the System 12, System 10, black versions for all and the many racks available !

SC-M15 : power amplifier
SY-C15 : preamplifier
ST-F15 : tuner
PC-D15 : k7 recorder
AD-15 : dynamics processor
SB-A15 : integrated amp
AR-15HU : rack small
AR-15VH : rack big

The PC-D15 is a slightly later production ; the PC-D12 was at first used as complement ; I believe the AD-15 to not have been actually produced beyond a quick and limited first batch.
The SB-A15 is a later addition, with the same toroidal trafo of the SY-C15, silver in color, slight redesign, less inputs but a mic-mixing function added.

Unlike Aiwa's slightly later My Pace which was sold under many different brand names, Toshiba's System 15 never saw any OEM version - by 1979, this probably was already too expensive to build. The Technics Concise must've suffered the same fate.
The future was to Sony's FH-7 quality system, and then to... less quality.

The 15 components will be posted separately on TVK : this is a main presentation page of the system.

The original japanese catalogs are finally in my hands - updates planned !

Toshiba System 15, image 1 Toshiba System 15, image 2 Toshiba System 15, image 3
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