Toshiba SR-510

Toshiba SR-510E

October   1 9 7 4 october 1974
1 9 7 5

Pretty and well-remembered turntable with high-end technology and enduring design.

As can be seen from the image below, speed control is with a patterned transparent disc monitored by a CdS photo cell which drives voltage changes to correct speed (if necessary). Very elegant.

The SR-510 (510E in Japan ?) was delivered with a stock tonearm, a dedicated electret condenser cartridge which allowed CD-4 records to be played properly and an optional SZ-200 equalizer (predecessor of the SZ-1000) powering said cartridge or letting the signal pass through if a normal moving-magnet cart was used.

Export versions seem to have a slightly different tonearm with two added tonearm controls.

Specs-wise not an SX-8000 II but ten years separate the two. And quite a few thousand ¥.

A real SR-510 here.

Toshiba SR-510, image 1 Toshiba SR-510, image 2
Toshiba SR-510 specifications
Title Value
Turntable Turntable
Type : AC servo motor
System : Direct-drive
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm
Wow & flutter : 0,03% (WRMS)
Pitch control : ± ??%
S/N ratio : 60dB
Platter : 30cm / 1,2kg
Inertial mass : 170kg /cm2
Tonearm Tonearm
Type : S-shaped, static balance
Effective length : 23,7cm
Tracking error : +1,5°...-0,5°
Overhang : 15mm
Tracking force : 0...4g
C-404X electret condenser cartridge C-404X electret condenser cartridge
Frequency response : 25Hz...50Khz
Output : 30mV (1Khz, 5cm/s)
Channel separation : 25dB (1Khz)
15dB (30Khz)
Channel balance : ± 1dB (1Khz)
Compliance : 15 x 10-6cm/dyne
Recommended tracking : 1,5g
Recommended load resistance : 30kOhm or more
DC voltage supply : 6...9V
Weight : 4,5g
Spare needle : N-404X
General General
PC : 14W
Dimensions : 55 x 19 x 41,4cm
Weight : 12kg.
List price : 89,900¥
Optional : SZ-200 equalizer (7500¥)
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