Technics SP-10MK2

Technics SP-10MKII

Technics SP-10MK2A

October   1 9 7 5 october 1975
1 9 8 2 1982

This is the turntable which turned Matsushita's Technics division into a success and stole the broadcast market outside Japan from under Sony and Denon along the way.

The SP-10MK2 is the very much upgraded version of the original 1969 SP-10 mainly was the controlling of the speed : the old tachymeter made way for a full-tilt Quartz Lock PLL system.
Even if not Victor's bi-directional servo found in the TT-101 series, Technics pushed the limit by using a supplementary Quartz-control for... the stroboscope !

The braking system also became fully electronic, alongwith minor mechanical refinements and the addition of said beefy SH-E10.
As can be seen here, from Matsushita's own IC manufacturing and auto-implementation machines, the electronics integration naturally had advance a lot between 1969 and 1975 !

Speed deviation tops at ±0,002% - a figure which equates to ±0,0036 second of an LP's side - you won't hear it. Start and stop time are of 0,25s and 0,3s respectively and 78rpm is also at hand.

The signal-to-noise ratio reaches 73db - not as much as an Exclusive P3 but respectable just the same and in sync with the 1975 origins.
At first written MKII, it seems the MK2 denomination gradually took over...

The SP-10MK2A is a very late upgrade which allowed to increase inherent speed accuracy down to ± 0,001% through IC and FG/Servo changes.

Everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about the SP-10 family here at soundfountain.

Technics SP-10MK2, image 1 Technics SP-10MK2, image 2 Technics SP-10MK2, image 3
Technics SP-10MK2 specifications
Title Value
Type : Direct-Drive
Motor : brushless DC
Speed lock : Quartz-Locked phase control
Platter : Ø 32cm / 3kg diecast aluminium
Startup torque : 6kg /cm
Starting time : 0,25s (33 1/3rpm)
Load characteristics : 0% up to 5kg /cm
Speed accuracy : ± 0,002% (10MK2)
± 0,002% (10MK2A)
Wow & flutter : 0,025% WRMS (JIS C5521)
± 0,035% (peak, DIN 45507)
S/N ratio : 78dB (IEC98A)
73dB (DIN S45539B)
50dB (DIN S45539A)
PC : 26W
Dimensions : 38,6 x 10,25 x 36,85cm (SP-10MK2)
11 x 8,35 x 37cm (SH-10E)
Weight : 9,5kg (SP-10MK2)
3,8kg (SH-10E)
List price : 150,000¥ (10MK2, 10MK2A, 1975...1982)
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