Technics SL-P1200

Technics SL-P1200X

Technics SL-P1200P

1 9 8 6 1986
1 9 9 2 1992

Far more successful than Technics' original SL-P50 attempt at a broadcast CD player, the P1200 is of the well-remembered kind : 14,5kg heavy, sturdy and reliable mechanism topped by a Concorde-like control panel.

Even if there is a pitch control slider, à la SL-1200mk2, no DJ'eing or scratching here : the jog is for track/time locating and not for mad macumba remixing.

Convenience-wise :
frame-accurate search/location with high or low speed search, ±8% pitch control, IR remote with output volume control, pads to enter direct ABS time for quick location, 20-track and "time" direct (re)call and/or program, elapsed/remain & track/total display modes, auto-cue & auto-space and auto-deemphasis.

Structure-wise :
Rubber isolation, diecast metal frame and TNRC material (Technics Non-Resonant Compound - a variant of Sony's 1976 SBMC) for the rest.

Technics included its successful Class AA circuits into the sample/hold and analogue output sections (after the two LPF), two PCM54HP Burr Brown digital/analogue converters, 2x oversampling digital filter and high-speed linear motor with magnetic rails.

Since this was a first (market-wise) and an early one at that, there are no digital output nor pro/broadcast XLR balanced outputs : present at the back are only fixed and variable RCAs, a wired remote terminal on DIN and the mysterious "subcode" output.

The SL-P1200X is an intermediate version between the P1200 and P1300 with added XLR outputs (atop the unbalanced RCAs of the original P1200, a control/sync BNC terminal and three position output level switch.
No digital outputs yet but still the "subcode" output and wired remote DIN terminals.

The SL-P1200P is a broadcast-oriented version of the P1300 with the pitch control reduced to a secondary function on the top panel, the right fader becoming a proper fader and the display moved to the right and enlarged with an added frame search - see one here.

All about the SL-P1200 and updated (but rare) SL-P1300 sibling at the indispensable

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