Technics SL-1350

1 9 7 4 september 1974
1 9 7 7 1977

Following the may 1974 SL-1300, the SL-1350 is the same but in 6-disc changer mode.

The base and motor are reminiscent of the original SL-1200 which was under development around the same time, and so is, more distantly, the tonearm - the EPA-100 wasn't there yet.

The ultra-low-speed brushless DC motor needs only 0,1W to drive the platter but also actuates the tonearm's movements and changer functions with that ecological power !

Memo-Gram, the changer function & dial, allows to play and/or repeat up to 6 times 1 disc or go through 6 discs at once.
At least 6 sides because the SL-1350 wasn't a Sharp RP-X1 which is normal because the latter didn't exist et in 1974.

The gimbal-suspended tonearm has a long effective length of 23cm (for a changer !) and fairly low friction ratios ranging between 6g and 8g for both planes.

The base is the same as the original SL-1200 : one-piece diecast aluminium set on on high and rigid feet.

I believe the SL-1350 to have been available in black only while the original SL-1300 saw silver and black versions.

Gold-plated contacts and low-capacitance cables for CD-4 compatibility were and still are the audiophile touches set in the often clunky world of LP changers.

Technics SL-1350, image 1 Technics SL-1350, image 2 Technics SL-1350, image 3
Technics SL-1350 specifications
Title Value
Type : direct-drive automatic changer/turntable
Motor : ultra-low-speed brushless DC
Platter : 31cm aluminium diecast, dynamically balanced
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Speed change method : electronic
Variable pitch controls : ±10% (individual for each speed)
Wow & flutter : 0,04% WRMS (JIS C5521)
± 0,055% wtd zero to peak (DIN 45507)
S/N ratio : 58dB (IEC 179B)
45dB (DIN 45539A)
70dB (DIN 45539B)
TONEARM section TONEARM section
Type : S-shaped tubular & static-balanced
anti-skating control & oil-damped cueing
Effective length : 23cm
Overhang : 15mm
Tracking error : +3° (15cm from 30cm edge)
+1° (5,5cm front 30cm center)
Horizontal friction : 6...8mg
Vertical friction : 6...8mg
Offset angle : 21,5°
Tracking force : 0...3g
Cartridge range : 5...11g
Headshell weight : 9,5g
General General
PC : 5W (idle)
6,5W (operating)
Dimensions : 45,3 x 19,9 x 36,6cm
Weight : 9,4kg.
List price : 69,800¥ (SL-1300, 1976)
90,000¥ (SL-1350, 1976)
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