Technics SL-1000MK2

Technics SL-1000MKII

October   1 9 7 5 october 1975
1 9 8 2 1982

The SL-1000MK2 is an SP-10MK2 placed in the SH-10B3 obsidian plinth, with the same outboard SH-10E power-supply and the all-time-best EPA-100 tonearm.

Obsidian is volcanic glass ; as such, besides being very beautiful to look at, especially with the added wood strips, the SH-10B3 may resonate a little...

Glass in the Marantz Tt 1000 didn't sound too good either and that is why many (most) audiophiles bought the standalone SP-10MK2 and built custm plinths, generally based on multiple layers of plywood - the best material for audio uses.

And that made the SL-1000MK2 something of a rarity, at least compared to the standalone SP-10MK2 version which Technics sold in droves of multi-million hotcakes.

Everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about the SP-10 family here at soundfountain.

Technics SL-1000MK2, image 1 Technics SL-1000MK2, image 2 Technics SL-1000MK2, image 3
Technics SL-1000MK2 specifications
Title Value
Drive (SP-10MK2) Drive (SP-10MK2)
Type : Direct-Drive
Motor : brushless DC
Speed lock : Quartz-Locked phase control
Platter : Ø 32cm / 3kg diecast aluminium
Startup torque : 6kg /cm
Starting time : 0,25s (33 1/3rpm)
Load characteristics : 0% up to 5kg /cm
Speed accuracy : ± 0,002%
Wow & flutter : 0,025% WRMS (JIS C5521)
± 0,035% (peak, DIN 45507)
S/N ratio : 78dB (IEC98A)
73dB (DIN S45539B)
50dB (DIN S45539A)
Tonearm (EPA-100)
Type : Tonearm (EPA-100)
Variable dynamic damping universal tonearm
(can be used aas conventional tonearm by locking inner weight)
Suspension : gimbal with 20 precision ruba ball bearings
Titanium-Nitride (TiN) tubular
Arm-pipe : 25cm
Effective length : 32,2...35cm
Total length : 4,2...9cm (6mm adjustment range)
Height adjustment range : 15mm
Overhang : 21°
Offset angle : +1,1° at inner groove
Lateral tracking error angle : +2,1° at outer groove
5mg (lateral, vertical)
Friction : 22g with a cartridge weight
Effective mass : 6,5g at 1,25g tracking force
9,8Hz (with 6,5g cart. compliance of 12x10-6dyne and 1,25g of tracking force)
Resonance frequency : < 6dB
Resonance (Q) : 4...5 : > 15x10-6 cm/dyne
Variable damping : 2...4 : 10...15x10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz, dynamic compliance)
1...2 : 10x10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz, dynamic compliance)
4...5 : 30x10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz, dynamic compliance)
Variable damping : 2...4 : 20...30x10-6 cm/dyne (static compliance)
1...2 :10...20x10-6 cm/dyne (static compliance)
Tracking force adj. : 0...3g
Headshell weight : 9,5g
Pitch of mounting screws : 12,7mm standard
Output terminal : 4-pin 1,2mm diameter
Cartridge weight : 5...10g (with supplied headshell)
General General
PC : 26W
Dimensions : 56,1 x 17,5 x 46,6cm (SH10B3)
11 x 8,35 x 37cm (SH-10E)
Weight : ?? (SH-10B3)
3,8kg (SH-10E)
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