Technics SE-9060

Technics 60AII

October   1 9 7 7 october 1977
1 9 8 0 1980

Small and big DC power amplifier, part of the "Professional" Series.

If Technics had a tendency to see pros everywhere, the same can be said of almost all brands between 1975 and 1980 : rack handles, stark dark looks à la Vador (sans breathing) and seriously serious literature !

As per Technics' 1960s and 1970s amplifier names in Japan, the SE-9060 really was an 60AII in Japan.

The 1977 "II" is there because the export 9060 was equivalent to the revised version of the late 1976 60A original : bigger trafos, better S/N and damping factor, less residual noise, the addition of a 2Hz filter switch (just in case), the possibility to bridge the two channels to make a monoblock and... more output power.

At 100,000¥, a 60II wasn't really high-end by japanese standards but quite close enough. The SE-9060 (60AII), shown here, has :

All DC circuit

differential amp with Current Mirror Load and dual-FETs in the first stage

constant current load instead of conventional bootstrap in the voltage amp

pure complementary SEPP with 3-stage Darlington circuit

temp stabilized FETs for DC stability

triple protection system : DC drift, over-current and over-heat detections

stereo / mono operation with simple (back) switch and no rewiring necessary

dual power supplies with four 18,000µF capacitors and two trafos with triple magnetic shielding

relay switching for the speakers' selectors and 2U EIA standard dimensions.

The SE-9060 embodies the traditional 1977 "professional" amplifier version of Sony's futuristic but equally "professional" TA-N86B : heavyweight power trafos in Class B vs. Pulse Power Supply and pure Class A.

Although the former isn't rare at all, Sony sold more N86Bs than Technics did sell 60A and 60AIIs...

Technics SE-9060, image 1 Technics SE-9060, image 2 Technics SE-9060, image 3
Technics SE-9060 specifications
Title Value
20Hz...20Khz stereo power output : 2x 70W (8 Ohm / 0,02% THD)
2x 90W (4 Ohm / 0,02% THD)
20Hz...20Khz mono power output : 1x 180W (8 Ohm / 0,02% THD)
1Khz stereo power output : 2x 75W (8 Ohm / 0,02% THD)
2x 100W (4 Ohm / 0,02% THD)
1Khz mono power output : 1x 200W (8 Ohm / 0,02% THD)
THD : 0,02% (rated power ; 20Hz...20Khz)
0,006% (half power ; 20Hz...20Khz)
0,0015% (half power ; 1Khz)
IMD : 0,02%
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (+0 / -0,05dB)
DC...100Khz (+0 / -1dB)
S/N ratio : 120dB (IHF-A)
Residual noise : 100µV
25µV (IHF-A)
Damping factor : 100 (stereo 8 Ohm)
50 (stereo 4 Ohm)
50 (mono 8 Ohm)
Inputs : 1V / 47kOhm
Load impedance : 4...16 Ohm (A or B)
8...16 Ohm (A and B)
8...16 Ohm (mono)
PC : 240W max.
Dimensions : 48,2 x 10,1 x 37,6cm
Weight : 12kg.
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