Technics SB-M3

1 9 8 2 1982
1 9 8 6 1986

More domestic version of the gargantuesque SB-M1 which previsibly sold a little better... but not much at any rate : the SB-M3 is quite, quite rare.

The filter comprises low distortion choke coils, high-impedance wires, electrolytic and film caps and steep 18dB/octave slopes ; the cabinet is made of real wood (unlike that of the the SB-M5) and uses special internal joints to prevent resonances.

33cm Bass
1,5kg magnet with linear damper and 4-layer voice-coil

8cm Mid
GFRP voice-coil with copper-clad aluminium wire and 950g magnet

2,8cm High
laminated mica diaphragm ; 35Khz response with magnetic fluid ;
18,000Gauss with square magnet for closer mounting to mid driver for more coherent dispersion.

I don't understand why, really, none of these sold better... but then, the present NEXT flat panels don't seem to sell well either.

A pair of real SB-M3 at hi-fi do's.

Technics SB-M3, image 1 Technics SB-M3, image 2 Technics SB-M3, image 3
Technics SB-M3 specifications
Title Value
Type : 3-way bass-reflex
Drivers : 33cm bass
8cm mids
2,8cm highs
Nominal impedance : 6 Ohm
Maximum output : 200W (music)
100W (DIN)
Sensibility : 90dB /1W /1m.
Frequency response : 28Hz...38Khz (-16dB)
38Hz...35Khz (-10dB)
Crossover : 450Hz
Dimensions : 40 x 67 x 33,3cm
Weight : 31kg.
List price : 108,000¥
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