Technics SB-M1

Technics SB-M1(M)

Technics SB-M1(S)

1 9 8 1 december 1981
1 9 8 5 1985

This is one one of the few early 80s loudspeakers I remember listening to (back then) : very "muscular" rendition, tight and controlled, far from a "romanticised" sound. It's written on them : MONITOR.
What is not written on them (but is if one attempts to move them) is their weight : 85kg, each.

The honeycomb structure of the drivers were Technics' staple, just like Sony's earlier APM square drivers were ; the structure, however, is here very different and, yes, much cheaper.

The three controls set the level for the tweeter (+1/-6dB), high-mid (+2/-6dB) and low-mid (+1/-6dB) respectively, with an added but non-descript "min." setting for each pot.
A relay-activated protector sets in if the tweeter temperature goes too high ; a related LED is present on the front panel for indication.

The regular SB-M1 was available in a "civilized" dressing as well : it is the M version, made with a real wood enclosure and weighing even more than the regular SB-M1S (Studio) version.
The M version was not made available in Europe and I wonder if it even got produced at all, besides the one or two samples for the ads...

However, the SB-M2 is a way better speaker, and prettier too, whether in "M" or "S" guises.

Technics SB-M1, image 1 Technics SB-M1, image 2 Technics SB-M1, image 3 Technics SB-M1, image 4
Technics SB-M1 specifications
Title Value
Type : 4-way bass-reflex
Drivers : 38cm bass (20cm / 3,13kg magnet)
22cm low-mids (15cm / 1,4kg magnet)
8cm high-mids (14cm / 1,2kg magnet)
2,8cm highs (2cm / 0,8kg magnet)
Nominal impedance : 6 Ohm
Maximum output : 350W (music)
150W (DIN)
Sensibility : 94dB/W/1m.
Frequency response : 150Hz...15Khz (±1,5dB)
Frequency response (-16dB) : 25Hz...38Khz
Frequency response (-10dB) : 35Hz...35Khz
Repartee : 280Hz
Dimensions : 63 x 105 x 44,8cm
Weight : 85,5kg
92,5kg (SB-M1M)
List price : 350,000¥ (SB-M1S)
700,000¥ (SB-M1M)
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