Technics SB-F1

1 9 7 8 may 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

High-end audio in small sizes - a dream, isn't it ?
Not really high-end but, in 1978, really advanced bookshelf -literally this time- loudspeaker design.

High power handling, diecast alumium enclosures, rubber coating damping, aluminium voice coils, polyamide adhesives, polyester insulation, aluminium film caps, high rigidity woofers, anti-resonant center cap, 10,000 Gauss magnetic flux, linear phase driver placement, linear phase, copper-clad aluminium voice coil 2 or 3-piece horn tweeters, polyurethane free edge woofers - and good looks, too.

Technics in Japan made a very special version named HAN-T1 : one of the woofers had its meshed metal protection replaced by a transparent plastic showing a battery powered quartz clock. You have to see it to believe it !
Better yet, every hour, a sound is emitted through the fully functional tweeter - how cheesy can you get ?
That extra-mega-ultra-rare version was delivered with one (and not two - how cheap can you be ?) SH-S1 tripod stand and enclosed in a shiny-shiny checkered dedicated box.

As often with Technics' production between 1978 and 1980, japanese originals and export versions have different specifications...
Also available : SB-F2 and SB-F3 ; upgraded later on as SB-F1mkII - fairly different and not as pretty.

I really wonder how these would compare today next to present offerings competing in "small size - big sound".

Technics SB-F1, image 1 Technics SB-F1, image 2 Technics SB-F1, image 3
Technics SB-F1 specifications
Title Value
Type : 2-way / 2-speakers sealed enclosure
Drivers : 1x 10cm cone
1x high dome with exponential loading
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Acceptable input ; 60W music
Output level : 86dB /1W /1m
Crossover : 4Khz
Frequency response : 50Hz...20Khz (-16dB)
Dimensions : 21 x 11,8 x 12,6cm
Weight : 2,3kg.
Optional : SH-S1 tripod
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