Technics SB-1000

October   1 9 7 2 october 1972
1 9 7 5 1975

Very rare and beautifully designed superlative loudspeaker which looks like a mid-end thing but isn't : it weighs 52kg (!) and uses ultra materials, diecast drivers' frames and shows very little distortion.

The EAS-30PL100S bass is a 30cm cone with hand-made low-loss three-layer diaphragm, 10cm voice coil, large magnetic pole and twin-suspension system.

The EAS-18KM100S midrange is again a low-loss three-layer diaphragm with laminated steel core, double damper symmetrical structure.

The EAS-12KH100S tweeter is a 20µ titanium dome with Fe / Co 19,000G high saturation flux density and 30Khz response.

The network is a very low-distortion (0,1% at 100W output) with super parts such as E-core silicon and MP caps ; it can also be bypassed for three-way active amping.

The enclosure uses 3,6cm thickness walls done in three layers (0,9cm + 1,8cm particle board and 0,9cm plywood) and is partly separated in two.

The SB-1000 truly is an exxcellent loudspeaker using techniques well in advance of its 1972/1973 inception.

Until I can get my japanese catalogs properly translated, you can read about the SB-1000 in detail here.

Technics SB-1000, image 1
Technics SB-1000 specifications
Title Value
Type : 3-way / 3-driver, sealed enclosure
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Maximum input power : 100W
SPL : 90dB /W /1m
THD : 0,2% (-54dB)
0,1% (network only)
Frequency response : 20Hz...30Khz
Bass driver : EAS-30PL100S 30cm high-compliance
Midrange driver : EAS-18MK100S 4,5cm dome
Tweeter : EAS-12KH100S 1,9cm dome
Attenuators : +2...-6dB (midrange)
+2...-6dB (tweeter)
Crossover frequencies : 500Hz
3-way multi-amp crossover frequencies : 400Hz...1Khz (low to midrange)
2,5Khz...7Khz (midrange to tweeter)
Dimensions : 39,2 x 58,2 x 39,7cm
Weight : 52kg.
List price : 180,000¥ (1973)
220,000¥ (1974)
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