Technics RS-777

Technics The 7

October   1 9 7 8 october 1978
1 9 8 2 1982

Last of the Technics RS-1500U series with much awaited silver looks, previously available only with the zzz-rare RS-1700US.

There's a trade-off however : no 26cm reels.
There's a bonus, however : the capstan/rollers assembly comes from the big RS-1800 / RS-1700U because of the auto-reverse function (1700U) and better tape path needed for the 76cm/s speed (1800U).

Bar the FL level display, the rest and specifications are like any of the 1500s & 1700s ; a digital counter was probably planned but not retained as, in '79, open-reel really was on its way out.

Added were a "rec mute" function and meter dim/bright continuous pot ; retrieved were the separate three-position bias/eq selector, (replaced by a single 2-position tape selector) and separate L/R monitoring switches, replaced by a stereo tape/source button. The auto-reverse mode selectors are next to the counter.

The RS-777 is a slimmed-down/slimmed-up version of a bestselling product which had passed in two short years from "star of the show" status to bulky and old fashioned.

Ah - I want one.

Until I can scan all the catalogs bought since posting this page, you can see better images here at Alkira Ota's website.

Technics RS-777, image 1 Technics RS-777, image 2
Technics RS-777 specifications
Title Value
Speeds : 38 cm/s
19 cm/s
9,5 cm/s
Frequency response : 30Hz...30Khz (±3dB ; 38cm/s)
S/N ratio : 57dB (JIS, unwtd)
Wow & flutter : 0,018% (38cm/s)
Dimensions : 43 x 37,3 x 25,9cm
Weight : 22kg.
Optional : smoked acryl dustcover
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