Technics EPA-100

1 9 7 6 june 1976
1 9 8 3 1983


...preliminary in images : most of the sources here need re-scanning and the original japanese dedicated catalog is still in Japan, awaiting shipping...

First of a successful line of LP record tonearms which sported -and still do- one of the lowest friction coefficients : less than 5mg for each plane.
When you see the current Jelco SA-250 being used everywhere specified at 20mg of friction (twenty !), it gives a sense of what is worthwhile and what is cheap.

Also 5-step variable dynamic damping, 0,5mm thick titanium nitride wand, twenty ±0,5µ roundness tolerance ruby ball bearings, zinc diecast base, adjustable VTA and - success !

Variable damping allows to tune and precisely match cartridge compliance for optimally damped resonance, lowering the Q factor.
Denon used it first before all manufacturers went further with Biotracer tonearms and other electronica-filled systems. Same result in the end, even if the mechanical approach proves to remain often a bit more stable through time...

Part of Technics' "R&B" series, the EPA-100 is an evolution of the research made on the SL-1200mkII ; it saw quite a few later versions customed for the SP-10MK2 and SP-10MK3 which however seem less sought after.

Technics EPA-100, image 1 Technics EPA-100, image 2 Technics EPA-100, image 3
Technics EPA-100 specifications
Title Value
Type : Variable dynamic damping universal tonearm
(can be used aas conventional tonearm by locking inner weight)
Suspension : gimbal with 20 precision ruba ball bearings
Arm-pipe : Titanium-Nitride (TiN) tubular
Effective length : 25cm
Total length : 32,2...35cm
Height adjustment range : 4,2...9cm (6mm adjustment range)
Overhang : 15mm
Offset angle : 21°
Lateral tracking error angle : +1,1° at inner groove
+2,1° at outer groove
Friction : 5mg (lateral, vertical)
Effective mass : 22g with a cartridge weight
6,5g at 1,25g tracking force
Resonance frequency : 9,8Hz (with 6,5g cart. compliance of 12x10-6dyne and 1,25g of tracking force)
Resonance (Q) : < 6dB
Variable damping : 4...5 : > 15x10-6 cm/dyne
(100Hz, dynamic compliance) 2...4 : 10...15x10-6 cm/dyne
1...2 : 10x10-6 cm/dyne
Variable damping : 4...5 : 30x10-6 cm/dyne
(static compliance) 2...4 : 20...30x10-6 cm/dyne
1...2 :10...20x10-6 cm/dyne
Tracking force adj. : 0...3g
Headshell weight : 9,5g
Pitch of mounting screws : 12,7mm standard
Output terminal : 4-pin 1,2mm diameter
Cartridge weight : 5...10g (with supplied headshell)
Diameter of arm mount : 38mm.
List price : 60,000¥ (1976)
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