Technics C01

Technics Concise

1 9 7 8 july 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

1978 was a good year to physically bring to life the most famous slogan of the 1970s : "Small is BIG".

Technics did its own bigsmallbig with the Concise components while Diatone launched the M01 System, Sony followed two months later with the original Precise P7 system and the Falcon series, Toshiba with the (excellent) System 15 system, alongside Aiwa's Aiwa 22 system which would be rebadged by many manufacturers until 1983/84.

If we are now used to see minisystems and even -literally- microscopic ones, in 1979 all this was new, quite fascinating and still built like full-fledged components : fair componentry, good mechanics and even high-end features like Pulse Power Supply or elaborate phono MC stages.

Needless to say, mini and micro systems would never be built like this again until some (Sony, Teac, Harman/Kardon or Luxman/Alpine) did attempt to make good-sound-in-a-shoebox when the audio market itself was beginning to show definitive signs of weakness in the early 1990s.

1978 was the big turnaround and all of the components mentioned above did embody what was to come : small, unobtrusive and easy to use. All that was needed to complete the new picture was... CD.
And CD spells Compact Disc.

The C01 series existed in black as well (C01K) but that is an xxxxxx-rare object.

Technics in 1994 reshaped the Concise concept with the Concise G (G for gold ; SU-A70, SL-P70, ST-GT70, RS-BX70, SB-M300) but, somehow, few people remember it :)

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