Teac A-1250

1 9 7 1 july 1971
1 9 7 3 1973

Mid-end recorder built in a very solid way, 1970s style, from the same generation as the A-2300 : same motors, same electronics, same controls, pots, pans and switches.

But for the addition of the automatic reverse mode : automatic being if one has previously glued a piece of conductive foil at one end (or both) of the reel tape - a very manual automation in the end.

Also necessary for this planned-in-advance automation : a second play head !
To not build a different head-stack to accomodate said head, in other words to save pennies, Teac devised a special head which performs both duties of erasure and recording.

The rest is an A-2300, but being a year younger the A-1250 has much better channel separation, frequency response and S/N ratio - so who's the small one, really ?

Teac A-1250, image 1 Teac A-1250, image 2 Teac A-1250, image 3
Teac A-1250 specifications
Title Value
Heads : 2x Permalloy (play)
1x rec/erase
Tracks : 4-tracks, two channel
Motors : 1x dual-speed hysteresis synchronous (capstan)
2x eddy current induction (reels)
Tape speed : 19cm/s (± 0,5%)
9,5cm/s (± 0,5%)
Wow & flutter : 0,08% (19cm/s)
0,10% (9,5cm/s)
FF time : 90s (1200ft tape)
Frequency response : 30Hz...22Khz (19cm/s)
40Hz...18Khz (19cm/s ; ±3dB)
30Hz...16Khz (9,5cm/s)
40Hz...12Khz (9,5cm/s ; ±3dB)
Bias : 100Khz
S/N ratio : 55dB
Crosstalk : 60dB channel to channel at 1Khz
50dB between adjacent tracks at 100Hz
Inputs : 2x MIC (0,3mV minimum / 600 Ohm)
2x line (0,1V minimum / 50,000 Ohm)
Outputs : 2x line (0,3V for 10,000 Ohm load or more)
1x headphones (8 Ohm)
PC : ?
Dimensions : 44 x 38,3 x 20,3cm
Weight : 17kg.
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