Tandberg TCD-300

1 9 7 2 1972
1 9 7 4 1974

Original version of the the-Tandberg-cassette-recorder which would see many versions : TCD-310 (1974), TCD-310 MkII, TCD-320, TCD-330, TCD-340A, TCD-440A, TCD-420A, with goodies throughout such as soft-touch transport controls, azimuth & bias correction, 3-heads and Type IV tape as early as 1978 !

The last version, TCD-420A, brings us to 1982, which is when Tandberg made its best but had no more room to develop and sell, cornered by the japanese as everybody else was.

The TCD-300 is based on a 3-motor closed-loop dual capstan drive with two Ferrite heads, a Dolby noise-reduction and even a "special" selector for CrO2 / Type II tape.

Motors are two AC for the reels and one hysteresis synchronous for the capstan - see the TCD 310 follower for images of it.

The TCD-300 can be used vertically, its vertical cassette lid opens to the right and the enclosure is all profiled aluminium with sideburns available in teak, oak or rosewood.

The high-end status of the TCD-300 had somewhat vanished by the late 1970s and was fully gone with the TCD3004 monster in the early 1980s.
But in 1972 this was the top : it offered a joie de vivre, as the catalog said.

Tandberg TCD-300, image 1
Tandberg TCD-300 specifications
Title Value
Tape speed : 4,75cm/s
Speed accuracy : ± 1%
Wow & flutter : 0,2% (DIN 45511)
0,15% (WRMS)
Frequency response : 40Hz...15Khz (DIN 45511)
50Hz...12Khz (± 2dB)
30Hz...16Khz (± 3dB)
S/N ratio (LH tape) : 50dB (IEC-A, 3% THD) [+9dB with Dolby]
48dB (IEC, unweighted RMS, 3% THD) [+4dB with Dolby]
46dB (DIN 45511 weighted) [+9dB with Dolby]
46dB (DIN 45511 unweighted) [+4dB with Dolby]
S/N ratio (CrO2 tape) : 54dB (IEC-A, 3% THD) [+9dB with Dolby]
50dB (IEC, unweighted RMS, 3% THD) [+2dB with Dolby]
49dB (DIN 45511 weighted) [+9dB with Dolby]
48dB (DIN 45511 unweighted) [+4dB with Dolby]
Separation : 60dB (side 1 vs. side 2)
35dB (track 1 vs. track 2)
THD : 0,5% (rec amplifier, 0dB)
0,3% (play amplifier, 0,75V)
3% (off the tape ; 0dB rec level)
Inputs : 0,1mV...100mV (< 700 Ohm load ; MIC)
40mV...4V / 100kOhm (LINE)
5mV...0,5V / 47kOhm (RADIO)
Outputs : 0,775V / 10kOhm (LINE)
Componentry : 47 transistors
2 FETs
PC : 34W max.
Dimensions : 43 x 10,5 x 23cm
Weight : 6,7kg.
List price : 2459FF (january 1973)
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