Sony XL-44L

Sony XL-33L

October   1 9 8 0 october 1980
1 9 8 3 1983

Later versions of the XL-55Pro.
Cheaper in price, sure, but in weight, too : a fair chunk of the reduction comes from the absence of integrated magnesium headshell. And this has a sizeable advantage : you can use them on any tonearm you want !

The 44L (red body) and 33L (blue body) differ only in specs : the 44L has more extended frequency response, better channel separation and channel balance. Specs-wise, it is quite close to the XL-55.

I have two 44L, both NOS, the first of which makes wonders on my PS-X800 and PS-8750. Don't be misled by the dull sound of the break in period (if you find one new) : the 44L is a gem.

Note #1 :
Load impedance : the 44L and 33L need at least 100 Ohm.

Note #2 :
Not to be mistaken with the older XL-44 (no "L"), XL-44B, XL-33 (no "L") or XL-33S.

Sony XL-44L, image 1
Sony XL-44L specifications
Title Value
[XL-33L in white brackets] 44L [33L in white brackets]
Type : Moving coil cartridge
Figure 8 coil
Round type air-core armature
High-effciency magnetic circuit
Output voltage : 0,3mV (NAB, 1Khz, 5cm/s, 45°)
Frequency response : 10Hz...40Khz (10Hz...35Khz)
Channel separation : > 30dB (1Khz) (27dB)
Channel balance : < 1dB (1Khz) (< 2dB)
DC resistance : 40 Ohm
Impedance : 40 Ohm (1Khz)
Load impedance : 40 Ohm...100kOhm
100 Ohm recommended
Compliance : 20 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Tracking force : 1,2...1,8g
1,5g recommended
Stylus : super elliptical, 0,3 x 0,8 mil nude diamond
Weight : 6,2g.
Dimensions : 1,78cm (height)
2,3cm (depth)
1,27cm (width)
1,6cm (width with mounting area)
List price : 19,000¥ (44L)
Lifetime : about 400 hours
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