Sony XL-44

Sony XL-44B

1 9 7 8 1978
1 9 8 2 1982

Later version of the XL-55Pro, swapping magnesium for diecast aluminium for the integrated headshell.

Compared to the XL-55Pro, the 44 has lesser specs (frequency response, channel separation) and minimally harder compliance.
However, it is slightly lighter in weight, offers a higher output level and demands... a higher tracking force.

The 44 and 44B are identical but for the colors :
44 : grey and blue/purple,
44B : black and orange.

The 44 was first produced with a blue-ish body ; later production runs went for clearly purple, a color picked up for the XL-88 /XL-88D, even pushing to near-pink for the later XL-MC333E (high-end version of the XL-MC1 series).
The original 44B colors (black+orange) were reused by Wega for its XL-42S.

Clearly better and easier to set up and use, if not as pretty, is the XL-44L.

Sony XL-44, image 1 Sony XL-44, image 2 Sony XL-44, image 3
Sony XL-44 specifications
Title Value
Type : Moving coil cartridge
Figure 8 coil
Round type air-core armature
High-effciency magnetic circuit
Diecast aluminium integrated headshell
Output voltage : 0,25mV (NAB, 1Khz, 5cm/s, 45°)
Frequency response : 10Hz...40Khz
Channel separation : > 27dB (1Khz)
Channel balance : < 1dB (1Khz)
DC resistance : 40 Ohm
Impedance : 40 Ohm (1Khz)
Compliance : 14 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Tracking force : 1,5...2,1g
1,8g recommended
Stylus : elliptical nude diamond
Weight : 20g.
List price : 22,000¥ (44/44B ; 1978)
15,000¥ (44/44B ; 1982)
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