Sony VC-8E

1 9 6 6 1966
1 9 7 1 1971

Sony's first cartridge and a moving coil design, no less.

Well... not really - the VC-8E represents the first but only time Sony ever (partly) rebadged something from somebody else : the VC-8E originated from Satin !
(see the JP link below for the details)

Made to complement Sony's PUA-237 or PUA-286 tonearms, the VC-8E had three major features : very high compliance, very high 4mV output and stylus replacement.
Stylus replacement is performed with no tools whatsoever, just like with an MM cartridge - impressive, isn't it ?

Sony later on launched a sister company, Sound Tec, to develop its own cartridges until phono cartridges faded into oblivion (for Sony) circa 1985, after having launched a series of fairly successful mid-end MC cartridges with... guess what... user-replaceable stylus :)

A thorough comparison of contemporary Satin and Sony cartridges here.

Sony VC-8E, image 1 Sony VC-8E, image 2
Sony VC-8E specifications
Title Value
Type : stereo Moving Coil
with interchangeable stylus
Output : 4mV at 5cm/s
Frequency range : 10Hz...25Khz
Channel balance : ± 0,5dB at 1Khz
Channel separation : 20dB (10Khz)
30dB (1Khz)
Output impedance : 40 Ohm
Load impedance : 10...100kOhm
Compliance : 30 x 10-6 cm/dyne
VTA : 15°
Stylus : 0,2 x 0,8mil elliptical diamond
Optional stylus : 0,5mil spherical diamond
Tracking force : 0,5...2g
Weight : 15,5g.
Notable feature : Delivered in beautiful box with solid, massive, perspex holder
and individual spec sheet signed by H. Aroo and T. Takeuchi inspectors.
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