Sony TTS-6000

1 9 7 7 april 1977
1 9 8 1 may 1981

The TTS-6000 is an LP drive sold as such or with several Sony bases.
As for quite a few high-end Sony audio components, however, "sold" is a sizeable overstatement : it was not exported, was advertised for very little and got relegated to the catalogs' back pages very quickly.

Unlike the TTS-8000 which was briefly exported to the UK, the TTS-6000 remained in Japan.

Looking almost identical, the 6000 retained the X'Tal Lock system with barium-ferrite magnetic strip on the platter and 8-pole reading heads but has no pitch controls.

The motor is also different (ie. cheaper to build) but is a brush-less & slot-less DC Servo motor with two Hall elements just the same - the one which would be used in the PS-X70, PS-B80 or PS-X800.

Delivered stock on the TTS-8000, the OL-2K mat was here optional ; the rest is more or less the same with S/N ratio specs upped by 3dB, thanks to the new motor.

The many (optional) bases and armbases are the same as for the TTS-8000 - see that page for all the details.

Sony TTS-6000, image 1 Sony TTS-6000, image 2 Sony TTS-6000, image 3
Sony TTS-6000 specifications
Title Value
Motor : BSL DC Servo regulated
Platter : 32cm
Componentry : 4 ICs
38 transistors
18 diodes
2 Hall elements
Speeds : 45rpm & 33 1/3rpm
Full speed ahead : 1/3 rotation (33 1/3 rpm)
Torque : 1kg / cm
Wow & flutter : 0,025% (WRMS)
Drift : 0,0003%
Load characteristics : 0% (3g tracking force or 150g of platter pressure)
Speed deviation : 0,003%
S/N ratio : 73dB (DIN-B)
PC : 9W
Weight : 8,6kg
Dimensions : 37 x 13 x 39,5cm (TTS-6000)
29kg ; 61 x 55,5 x 20,5cm (TB-2000)
19kg ; 55 x 44,5 x 20,5cm (TB-1000)
List prices : 49,800¥ (TTS-6000)
58,000¥ (TB-2000)
43,000¥ (TB-1000)
130¥ (OL-2KA)
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