Sony TTS-4000

Sony PSE-4000

Sony PSE-4000R

1 9 7 0 august 1970
1 9 7 4 1974

PSE / TTS-4000
The audiophile-esque and/or professional follower of the original TTS-3000, available as a drive (TTS) or integrated player (PSE), the latter however without Sony's own PUA-1500L tonearm (L for Long) which had to be purchased separately.

The command panel holding the speed selection and pitch control can be detached for wired remote control. The PSE plinth avoided the dual-suspension system of the (american) PS-2000 / PS-3000 - much easier to setup.

Sources for specifications are highly variable so I'll quote here the more optimistic s/n ratio spec : 65dB.
The next generation, PS-8750 & TTS-8000, would previsibly and almost darwinistically reach the 70dB mark.

The original woody base was followed c. 1974/75 by a very small series partly made of early SBMC, in black style with redesigned control panel and a fixed PUA-1600L tonearm - like a PS-8750 mixed with a TTS-8000 ; that's the PSE-4000R.

This base was produced, with regular S/N production stickers and badges (but with the typically "pro" 5-digit and not regular 6-digit), but only in Japan and alas rare enough to put it into Invisibilia domain as I can't find a single mention of it in any magazine or Sony corporate sources...

All three versions (TTS, PSE, and the "R") are excellent, still today, and also very elegant - something the TTS-8000 would also have, if in a more pronounced "dark flying saucer" way.
Playing a record on either is a luxurious experience but the PSE-4000 concealed its strong drive quite well.
Early 1970s vintage-wise, I don't see any record player as sound-wise impressive and elegant.

If much lower in quality the Marantz Model 6300 clearly evokes 1975, the PSE-4000 is 1970.

Sony sold sixteen million 4000s so it isn't rare at all - don't go spending fortunes on it, there are plenty around whether you're in Tokyo, in Marseille, in Düsseldorf or in Palo Alto.

More from several japanese catalogs and corporate sources soon !
Images of a 4000R here and here.

Sony TTS-4000, image 1 Sony TTS-4000, image 2 Sony TTS-4000, image 3
Sony TTS-4000 specifications
Title Value
TTS-4000 TTS-4000
Turntable : aluminium diecast
32cm / 1,75kg
System : Direct Drive
Motor : Servo-controlled AC motor
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Pitch control range : ±3%
Wow&flutter : less than 0,03% RMS
S/N ratio : 60dB (JP spec)
62dB (DE spec)
65dB (DE spec, DIN 45544)
Full speed ahead : 1,8 s.
Componentry : 1 IC
7 transistors
11 diodes
Multivoltage : yes (EU models)
Weight : 8,5kg (JP spec)
18kg (DE spec !)
Dimensions : 33,5 x 33,5 x 12,9cm
Height above/below base : 3,7cm / 9,2cm.
List price : 65,000¥ (1972)
PSE base PSE base
Weight: 4,5kg
dimensions: 56,3 x 12,5 x 42cm
56,3 x 20,1 x 42cm (+ closed dustcover)
56,3 x 55 x 42cm (+ opened dustcover)
List price: 20,000¥ (1972)
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