Sony TTS-3000

Sony TTS-3000A

Sony PS-3000

1 9 6 6 february 1966
1 9 7 1 1971

Sony's first audiophile-turned-professional LP drive and its last top turntable to be belt-driven, too : Sony quickly went with direct-drive for all of its high-end 'tables.

According to the literature, the TTS-3000 was the first servo-controlled 'table - Technics claims that as well for its own original SL vinyl spinner. I however believe Sony was there first, if by a couple of months : Sony filed a US patent in 1967 so the japanese patent must be much older than that :)

The TTS-3000, shown here, is the original : it has a recantangular diecast frame and is mainly meant for long tonearms like the PUA-286.
The TTS-3000A is a parallel version, the top right corner of which can be taken away to allow placing small tonearms closer to the platter.

The 3000A also has three round cutouts on the underside of the frame so as to access the platter and/or readjust the belt on the inner rim. Otherwise identical to the original 3000 : shaft afixed to platter, D-501F motor (or D-502F), bubble-level, pitch-wheel etc.

Offered as a standalone drive (TTS-3000) or as an integrated player : PS-2000 with the PUA-237 12" arm or PS-3000 with the PUA-286 16" arm.

The bases are rather lightweight but use a combination of springs and rubber to dampen external vibrations (à la Thorens TD-124).

A most elegant and still very sought-after vinyl spinner one shouldn't pay too much for because there are many thousands still around - 45 years after the fact.

Sony TTS-3000, image 1 Sony TTS-3000, image 2 Sony TTS-3000, image 3
Sony TTS-3000 specifications
Title Value
TTS-3000 / TTS-3000A TTS-3000 / 3000A
Platter : aluminium diecast, Ø 30cm / 1,5kg
Motor : Servo-controlled DC motor # D-502F
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Speed regulation : Frequency generator / frequency discriminator servo control
Pitch control range : ± 5%
Driving system : polyurethane belt drive
Belt reduction ratio : 10:1
Wow & flutter : less than 0,05% (RMS)
S/N ratio : more than 60dB (NARTB)
Starting response : within 1s.
Turntable waving : ± 0,05mm maximum
PC : 4VA
Weight : 5,8kg
Dimensions : 37 x 13 x 38cm.
Optional : TAC-4 hardwood base top for 16" tonearms
PS-3000 / PS-3000A = TTS-3000 + TAC-3 base + PUA-286
Weight : 10,5kg
Dimensions : 52,5 x 20,5 x 39cm.
Supplied : TAC-4 hardwood base top for 16" tonearms
PS-2000 / PS-2000A = TTS-3000 + TAC-2 base + PUA-237
Weight : 9,7kg
Dimensions : 47,6 x 20,5 x 39cm.
Supplied : DU-4 tinted dust cover with aluminium trim
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