Sony TCM-100

Sony Pressman

1 9 7 8 april 1978
1 9 8 2 1982

THIS is the original Walkman.
Only it wasn't named Walkman and didn't benefit from a large marketing coup.

Launched more than a year before its very well-known TPS-L2 version (aka Walkman), the TCM-100 was targeted at the press people who needed a lightweight and easy to handle portable cassette recorder for modern times.

Weighing only 400g, operating on batteries and measuring 2,9 x 13,35 x 7,85cm, the TCM-100 was to replace big bulky units such as the TC-164SD - only the TCM-100's bandwidth wasn't as good : 90Hz...10Khz. This would be changed in the TPS-L2 but not by much.

As can be seen below, the special capstan drive system was also used for another bestseller launched a month after the TCM-100 : TC-D5 !

Redesigned for the TPS-L2 were the output controls (L/R independent controls using linear sliders) and the enlarged "stop" button.
On the TCM-100, one of the two minijack slots naturally is a MIC input if one were to prefer not to use the built-in electret microphone ; the other is for remote control (rec/stop).

The famous "talkback" orange button of the TPS-L2 was the record button on the TCM-100 (located on the other side of the top).
The TCM-100 was available in silver and, later on, in black (TCM-100B).
The difference in weight (400g vs. 300g of the TPS-L2) was achieved with some internal parts swaps, less functions and more plastic for the L2.

Bar these small differences and the absence of the tape counter, the TCM-100 already sported the same overall design as its much more remembered TPS-L2 sibling - in fact, it was the very same recorder.

Amazing what marketing can do, isn't it ?

I have one, #189934, but nudies of one here.

Sony TCM-100, image 1 Sony TCM-100, image 2 Sony TCM-100, image 3
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